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Electric Butterfly wrote:
Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:45 am
I believe it’s been super hot and with just a tiny bit rain these past four to five weeks. Not that I’m complaining since I love the summer, but... we really need rain. The grass is all yellow, the flowers are dying and some bushes/trees have started to drop their berries/fruit.
And because of that we are not allowed to start fires of any kind nor use the water we drink for plants outside.

The weather are keeping me away, so haven’t posted at all- except if seeing answers in this thread.

That would be very helpful if you did! But watch me not having them, the current items listed in the ancient temple are ones I either don’t have or only have one of... I’m so poor item wise xD (no not THAT poor, but... I want duplicates of so much here and there are no sellers)

There is no other pose for that particular item and even if there was it wouldn’t help anything. Because that pose unequips the shorts I want to use with, so to be frank... she have nothing on and that’s so extremely annoying xD
But yeah, plain black hotpants are what I wanted her to wear, while the belt I think have those lime green chains on one side and a small skull in the middle- like on her cap. But if you want so can I get a pose where you can see the whole belt :)
(ohh gosh, I remember now why I wanted to hide that belt, that lime green skull looks SO ugly... you are welcome to make it white instead x.x)

Edit: And why I didn’t add the hotpants now when I could is strange... I can do that too if you want? But it’s nothing fancy
Her belt

Bwaah I'm really sorry for my horribly delayed response! @-@ The past few months have been kind of up and down for me irl, mostly revolving around financial stuff.

Thankfully the weather where I live has been a lot kinder than where you are though! I hope the rain finally came at least, and that everything else has been good for you too!

I think I started editing screenshots of what I did or did not have buuuuuut since I poofed for so long, I just wanted to say sorry again for my disappearance. I am more than willing to draw your characters for free, and no worries about the payment for either picture.

It might take another couple of weeks or more for me to be able to finish everything and settle down, but I will have these down for you one way or another!

Thank you again for the reference shot too, it's really helpful!! ^^ I will remember to draw her hotpants as well.

And since I started the original so long ago (and actually on a different computer), I might just start over and change the pose and everything. The only thing I realllly liked about the first so far was the face, but that's easy enough to redraw haha.

Again, I'm super sorry for poofing!! I'll try to be on Roli more but no guarantees... I can work on art offline at least though ;Q; :heart:

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