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Name: Omarion
Gender: Male
Being: half tiger demon, quarter dragon shifter, quarter god.
About: Omarion is extremely laidback and easy going. He much prefers battling with words and logic verses battling with his fighting skills, unlike his parents Nezra and Ayaan. Despite having only been in their lives for a short time, Omarion is close to his parents and his two sisters, Kaya And Calir. He spends much of his time in the library or with his youngest sister Calir. He currently resides in an oasis town in the Sahara with his family.
Apearance: Omarion

Other characters: Kaya, Nezra, Calir, Ayaan, Aruka, Rai (Omarion, Ayaan, and Aruka all 3 have skin tones similar to Nezra's. I didn't bother editing Aruka's picture but edited both Ayaan and Omarion's which is why they look kind of funny lol)

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Name: Omorose
Gender: Female
Being: Human? Something is off about her...
About: Charming and bold, Omorose is a bit of a performer and well known in her travels. She makes her living off of card readings, as well as other odd jobs, and her predictions always come true. When the act slips, she's hot-headed and witty with a playful attitude. Little is known about her besides her reputation, and she likes to keep it that way.

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"Do you have to go?" Calir asked, barest hint of a whine in her tone as she said this.
They were sitting by their spot. A palm tree that overlooked a small pool of water on the edge of desert town they lived in.
Omarion sighed. "Only for a week or so...then I promise to come back so we can spend as much time as we can together before..."
"Before you get married to Queen Thunderbitch?" Calir supplied, making him laugh.
"Careful, you don't want FaFamen to hear you," Omarion chided gently, using the dragon shifter word for grandfather.
Calir pouted. "He can bite me. Mahata and Famen (mother and father) wouldn't let him so much as scold me."
Well, that much was certainly true, Omarion conceded. His sister was only twenty; a baby compared to the rest of their nearly 2,000+ years with the exception of their half sister Kaya, who was nearly 20 years older than Calir.
Of course, his sisters held a special place in their grandfather's heart; unlike him. Despite his efforts, he hadn't been able to bridge the gap in their relationship.
Something that had led to his current predicament. Despite his age, he'd acted childish in his endeavers to get closer to his grandfather, but even someone as powerful as Aruka of the Mohibi could still hold a grudge.
He and Calir's father Ayaan and their grandfather weren't fond of each other and he was proof as to why.
It was a long story that he didn't like to think about.
So here he was, betrothed to the queen of the Thunderbirds, a race of demigods so reclusive next to nothing was known about them. All so Ariella could have a dragon shifter husband, and his grandfather could have an alliance.
At first, it hadn't seemed like such a bad thing. His grandfather was happy and he would get to be one of the only outsiders to fully learn about such a legendary race, but it'd quickly become a nightmare with the first sneer Ariella had thrown his way. Omarion learned that she only wanted a trophy husband and that she considered him less than worthy because he wasn't even half dragon shifter. He'd also learned that that Thunderbird society was Matriachal and the males were considered nothing more than caretakers for the home and children, which he would never conceive with Ariella because she didn't want mixed mutt children, as she'd called them. He also would not be allowed to know anything of the thwir government except the bare basics of knowledge they allowed their males to know.
He would be chained, completely and totally.
Thinking about it had his heart racing.
"You know...maybe we should talk to FaFamen, Omi. Maybe I can convince him to get you out of the marriage. He does have a hard time saying no to me, right?" Calir suggested in a gentle voice.
Omarion sighed. "No, it's too late, Lir. What's done is done. FaFamen has what he wants and he won't ever have to see me again. It's just too bad I learned too late he'll never actually like me."
"Yeah, well, that's his loss. Because you're the best big brother anyone could ever ask for and I will raise hell so I can come see you often and I promise to be as big as nuisance for Queen Thunderbitch as I can possibly manage. Pranks galore!"
Omarion laughed, leaning up against her. "Thanks, sis. You always know how to make me feel better."
Calir smiled and leaned back against him. "Anytime. Oh! I have something for you. I have no idea how to operate the stupid things, but you're super smart and you've been out of this place before."
She leaned over and dug into the satchel she'd brought with her- the one he'd bought for her in fact. Dark purple with green patches sewn into it to match her hair and eyes.
She pulled out two Android phone boxes and handed them to him.
"Coda got them for me. He said that he activated them for me, whatever that means," she said as he looked them over.
"Well, thank you...but why 2?"
"1 is for me, silly! I want you to take lots of pictures while you're gone so I can see them when you come back and can have them. You also have to promise to send me...what are those sweets called? benuts?"
"You mean beignets?" Omarion asked with a laugh.
"Yes! I want an entire box of them, Okay? I havent had any since the last time Sheli visited and they're so good!"
"Alright, Lir. You got it. Lots of pictures of my travels and a big box of beignets."
Because he still had a little over a month before he was due to get married to Ariella, and she didn't really have the time of day for him anyway, Omarion had decided to go traveling for a while. Once he was married he'd pretty much be stuck in Thundronia, the Thunderbird domain, with little freedom.
His first stop would be New Orleans so he could visit some family there. It still astounded him that Sheli and her son Coda were related to him at all. It was a relief to know his wife and daughter, or at least his daughter Mia, had survived the attack on their village hundreds of years ago.
Most of his blood had been diluted over the centuries, leaving only a small trace that had ended at Sheli, giving her powers most dog demons didn't posses.
After that, he wasn't sure where he would go. He'd probably go backpacking through Europe or somewhere like that.
Unfortunately Calir hadn't been allowed to go with him even though she'd tried hard to convince their grandfather to let her come.
Omarion guessed it was because she hadn't fully come into her powers yet and though Calir was a skilled fighter, she'd never actually fought against an actual assailant.
Aruka had too many enemies and he didn't want to risk the life of his youngest granddaughter.
Omarion could understand that.
"Well, why don't you help me finish packing? Its almost time for me to be leaving. Sheli will be expecting me soon," he said.
Calir nodded and the two of them got to their feet and headed back to his room.

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The trolley came to a slow, chugging halt at the next drop-off station, compartments opening to a concrete platform. A golden sandal stepped out to meet the ground, followed by the bounce of a woman eager to get ahead of the crowd. She was short, craning her neck and walking on her toes to peer over shoulders packed tightly together. Luckily, she knew the city as well as the back of her hand, and didn't have to rely on sight to get where she was going. Weaving between elbows and bags as politely as she could, the little woman slipped through the crowd and out into the street.

The constant bustle of New Orleans was a welcome sight, deep red eyes open wide to take it all in. Omorose's painted crimson lips parted in a wide smile, basking for a moment in the movement and music from every corner. Crowds pushed around her, sweeping over like the tide as several cars on the side of the road began honking their horns at odd intervals. Pure chaos. What fun!

Readjusting her bags on her shoulders, she freed one hand to shift the skirt of her long dress to one side and broke into a powerful stride. She was a woman on a mission after all. The mission being, getting all of her heavy luggage dropped off at the shop as soon as possible. She typically had a lackey for this.

It didn't take her far too long to reach her building. Barely separated from the road sat a narrow shop, brick and mortar packed tightly between two larger, more modern structures. One shallow step led up to a heavy wooden door, painted only the gaudiest shade of violet. Little metal stars decorated a small keyhole window, barely larger than a peephole. A sign sat above the door, displaying a spread of cards and a single eye looking over them. Fortunes & Card Readings.

Dropping her bags unceremoniously to the ground, Omorose began digging for her keys. They weren't hard to find, being as massive as they were. Although the door itself looked old, the lock system must have been ancient. Slipping one of the novelty-size keys into the keyhole, she placed her bare hand against the wood and gave the door a solid push. Just needed a bit of love and elbow grease.

The heavy wooden door barely budged, taking great effort to open more than a crack. With a grumble, the small woman gathered her things off of the sidewalk and bluntly shouldered her way inside. News would spread quickly that the renowned fortune teller was back in town. No relaxing from her travels; she didn't have much time to set up shop.

Releasing her heavy bags onto the wooden floor, she raised her hands invitingly over her head.

"I'm HOOOME!" She announced, to no one and nothing. Oh, wait. Some dust stirred. Good to see you again, filth.

Her shoulders drooped, arms falling to her sides. She'd have to start with a heavy cleaning. Sigh.

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Omarion let out a sigh as he appeared in the solarium of Sheli and Macar's mansion.
It was the open safe point Macar allowed for his associates to flash in and out of.
Placed dead center in his mansion, the solarium was filled with various plants from all over the world. It even had different sections dedicated solely to certain parts of the world and it also had a section dedicated to plants from the Demon Lands of Aruka, a continent his grandfather created in a separate dimension as a safe place for any and all nonhuman beings to live in peace.
It was he and Sheli's homeland. He hadn't been back in years, he suddenly realized, as he stared at the plants he hadn't seen since he left home with his father.
"Uncle Omarion!"
Before Omarion even had a chance to drop his bags, two pre-teen girls came running out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground.
Laughing, he hugged them tight to his chest. "Hey, girls. Miss me much?"
"Allarisia and Danae, give Omarion some room to breathe, please!" came a sharp accented female voice.
Omarion glanced over to see a petite woman with dark brown hair, tan skin, and pale grey-blue eyes coming towards them.
Sheli, his great, great...however many times great, granddaughter. There really was no way to tell how many family members existed between his daughter Mia and her unfortunately, but it was alright.He was just glad to know his daughter had survived all those years ago.
The two girls currently giggling on top of him looked just like her, except Danai's eyes were yellow like her father's. Otherwise, the girls were identical.
Still giggling, they crawled off him and allowed him to get back to his feet.
Once he was upright he gave Sheli a tight hug, dwarfing her tiny figure.
"Ah, it's good to see you, Sheli," he said, squeezing a little tighter before letting her go.
"You, too. I'm glad you were able to come visit before your wedding date," she responded with a smile.
"You can't go, Uncle Omarion! Who's going to race us in the trees?" Allarisia said with a pout.
Omarion sighed. "I know. I'm sorry. I wish I didn't have to." The two girls hugged him again from opposite sides, trapping him in a circle he wouldn't mind staying in.
It was nice to be in a place where he felt welcomed for a change. Granted, the desert town he lived in in the Sahara with his family wasn't was really just his grandfather's presence.
Not wanting to think about it anymore, he said, "Hey, if it's alright with your mother, why don't I take you girls out for ice cream? We wander around and see some sights. I promised Calir to take lots of pictures for her...speaking of which, is Coda around? I need him to give me a crash course on how to use a smart phone. We don't have them in the Sahara."
"Oh! We can show you!" the girls chimed together.
As Omarion pulled the first one out - Calir had picked out an orange cover for it for him - Danae held her hand out. He handed it to her and watched as she turned it on with a button on the side.
"They're father has been teaching them all sorts of things about the modern technological age," Sheli explained with a sigh. She looked slightly exasperated at the idea, making Omarion smile.
They were old souls. Aruka was modern in many ways, having influence from this world, but things like smart phones and computers didn't really exist there. Not yet at least. It was a strange balance of technology and magic, making the need for them moot really when there were magical means of communication and the storing of knowledge.
Danae and Allarisa ran him through the basics of what he wanted to know - primarily taking pictures and videos - before giving him back the phone.
"Alright, girls. You two behave for Omarion. I want you all back by dinner time, you hear?" Sheli said, giving her two girls hugs.
"If they misbehave at all, you bring them straight back. They're brother has been putting all kind of preposterous ideas in their heads lately," Sheli said to him.
Omarion laughed. "Don't worry, Sheli. I won't let them get into too much trouble, I promise."
With that, he took both their hands and flashed them into an alleyway in the heart of the city. They spent a few hours wandering around. Omarion got as many pictures as he could, sometimes letting the girls take over since they were better at taking pictures than him. He even got multiple shots of the three of them together or just the two girls.
They paused on the side of the busy street when Omarion noticed what appeared to be a line from a smaller building crammed between two larger ones. The door really caught his eye; bright purple with silver stars. Huh.
"You girls know what that is?" he asked, motioning his head towards it.
"Ah, it's some fortune teller who's really popular when she comes to town. Rumors have it she's the real deal," Allarisia explained, licking at her ice cream cone.
"Yeah, but we've been inside. Mama doesn't like to go near it," Danai added.
"Oh! Can we go in? Just to see? Maybe you can get your fortune read and she'll tell you you won't have to get married and leave us!" Allarisia piped up excitedly.
Omarion wasn't quite so sure about her enthusiasm, but before he could protest, the girls were dragging him towards the door.

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The heavy purple door opened, a woman stepping out onto the crowded sidewalk with a perfume of frankincense at her heels. She lightly clasped one hand over her chest, looking both lost in thought and extremely focused. As soon as she stepped through the threshold, she turned on her heel with purpose and strode quickly away from the fortune shop. Shortly after her exit, a blonde head popped out from behind the door, deep red eyes scanning the growing line.

Another fortune down, and another to go. The renowned oracle slipped one sun-kissed hand out from the crack of the door, seamlessly slipping her palm into that of the next customer's. She led them inside, hesitating a moment after them to give the crowd a ruby-stained smile. A short show of gratitude for their patronage, and their patience, as she disappeared into the shop once more. A murmur fell over the people gathered, eagerly awaiting their turn with the Lady of Fortune.

Quite some time passed before the doors opened again, another starstruck customer shuffling out onto the sidewalk, only for the next to be taken in by a bejeweled hand. One, and then a couple, until finally the man and his nieces were next in waiting. Minutes ticked by, and finally, the purple door opened to them.

Omorose peered out at them, soft smoke billowing out from over her shoulders and between the skirts at her heels. Bright, curious crimson eyes studied the three, before a smile spread across her freckled face.

"Ready for your fortunes?" She asked, her voice warm and rousing excitement. She held both hands out for the girls, ready to answer their wildest whims, and looked up to Omarion with an infectious grin.

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When she spoke to them, Omarion froze.
Godsdamn, but she was beautiful.
He must have looked like a dear in headlight because Danae and Allarisia both started giggling and pushing him inside.
"Oh it's not for us. Mama would be furious and probably curse you. She doesn't like to tempt fate. Our Uncle, on the other hand, would love his fortune told! Besides, we wanna know if he ends up having to marry the mean bird lady and abandoning us," Danae said with a giggle
"Well, he's really more like pur great great great great great...however many greats, grandpa. Our family is weird. But Yeah! We wanna know!" Allarisia added, also giggling.
Their commentary snapped Omarion out of his momentary stupor. He was grateful no one but the fortune teller was within ear shot. Her aura told him she wasn't human, but he wasn't sure what she was. Still, though...
Forcing a laugh, he placed his hands on both their heads and ruffled their hair.
"I think you mom has been telling you too many fairytales. Quite the imagination they have, don't they? Right girls?"
"Right," they responded, still giggling.
"So, uh, let's get started I guess?" He asked, his tone unsure.

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Ah, so it was the man who wanted his fortune told? Omorose understood that, at least, but the rest of what was said to her might as well have been another language. She only blinked her bright eyes, slowly and with a dazed roll as if she were trying to focus her vision again. Birds, grandparents, she missed the majority of the conversation as it was spoken over her head. No matter, as they didn't seem to expect her to follow along.

Her earrings and bangles jingled like bells as she shook her head, clearing her thoughts. Quite the imagination, indeed.

"Let's," she said, her smile returning as she turned with a whirl of her layered skirts. "Come, come," she ushered playfully, gesturing over her shoulder with one hand as she led the three further back into her shop.

Immediately in front of the front door sat a staircase to a second floor, blocked off by a wooden barred gate. The shop itself was open to the left, with a small sitting room of pillows and comfortable couches. Beyond that was a glass counter, filled with boxes of tarot cards, vials, books, and other relevant merchandise. Against the wall behind it, bookshelves lined from floor to ceiling, full of crystals and gems and tools for scrying. A register sat on the counter, suggesting they were for sale.

But she led them even further back, to a section of the shop closed off by heavy black curtains. Or, nearly black. As she pushed them aside, they danced in the dim light in shades of red. Smoke rolled out across the floor, the room perfumed with incense. The atmosphere was calm, sleepy even as she held open the heavy sheets for the three to come in.

At the center of this reading room sat a large wooden table. Plushly cushioned chairs surrounded it, pillows stacked high in between. Every other nook and cranny was filled with dark green plants, shimmering crystals, and balls of glass. Their depths seemed to move, maybe reflecting the motes of smoke from the burning incense. Maybe not.

"Make yourselves at home," Omorose said softly, speaking with reverence without lowering her voice.

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When the girls tried to divert towards what looked like a shop, Omarion grabbed them and ushered them up the stairs.
"Oh, no you don't," he said to them, "your mother would skin me alive if I let you two out of my sight. This was your idea, anyway."
They stuck their tongue out at him, which he returned in kind, as they headed up the stairs.
Omarion had a hard time trying not to sneeze when they reached what he could only assume was her fortune teller room. It reminded him much of the setup a friend down here had for her fortune reading room. The incense wreaked havoc on his heightened senses and he could tell the girls weren't much better; being part werewolf they had to have a sharper sense of smell than he did.
"Why don't you two go sit in the corner over there," he suggested gently, finding the corner farthest away from where the incense was burning.
They did as he suggested without responding while he went and sat down at the large wooden table.
He wondered what kind of fortune she would give him. Even if she had true powers, would she give him some bullshit happiness fortune instead of what she really saw. In his experience, most people who came to these kinds of places only wanted assurance that they would live a successful, full life, whatever that was for them. They didn't actually care if people like this woman were telling the truth; they just wanted shallow assurance.
However, some people would give the truth, no matter what.
Which would she be?
Omarion still wasn't sure he should be doing this, but it was already too late now. He was here, wasn't he? If she gave him a cold, dark truth, at least he wouldn't be surprised. If she gave him a bullshit happy one, at least it would be fun to think about while he was in Thundronia.

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Omorose's eyes studied the three, their strong reactions to the incense burning. Her head tilted just slightly, hardly noted if not for the way the light shifted in the gem on her forehead. Taking a dark jade lid in one long-nailed hand, she covered the incense and stifled its smoke. Although she looked curious of them, she made no point of mentioning it as she took her place at the head of the table.

Sliding comfortably into the cushioned chair, she lifted the lid off of her box of cards on the edge of the tabletop, shuffling them tenderly between her fingers.

"My name is Omorose," she introduced, now that they were getting comfortable. "Although your imaginations seem...spectacular," she said with a playful grin, "I must tell you that I cannot predict the future. Not precisely, anyway. Although the Arcana is powerful, time is unpredictable." The cards flipped between her hands with an audible flick.

"I can't tell you about your...bird bride," she said, sounding clearly uncertain as she cast a glance sidelong to the young girls. Did she understand any of what they had said earlier? Probably not. "The cards are for guidance, and should you seek their advice, they'll lead you where you want to go." She paused, sliding the deck forward to Omarion. She kept her hand over it, and propped her chin daintily on the other.

"So, tell me about yourself. What questions do you hope to have answered before you leave here?"

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Omarion noticed her cover the incense. So she was rather astute. Not at all uncommon for someone in her trade.
Since she didn't mention it, he chose not to, either.
Instead, he gave a nervous chuckle at her choice of words before saying, "I'm Omarion. I actually live in the Sahara and am not from around here...I'm betrothed, but it's an arranged marriage and the girls obviously don't like her...And to be perfectly honest, I don't have any specific questions in mind. My future is pretty set as far as I can I guess, surprise me, maybe? Or is that not possible?" he asked, curious, tilting his head as he studied her.
She certainly had a flare for the dramatic, also not uncommon for someone in her trade.

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Omorose laughed lightly, a boyish crinkle forming at the bridge of her nose. Punctuated with a short breath, she glanced down to the deck beneath her hand.

"The Arcana surprises me sometimes," she said, smile ever present on her lips. Raising her hand off of her cards, she left them before Omarion. "Typically if you have a question in mind, it affects how we spread the cards. But, since you're leaving it to fate, so to speak, we'll just keep drawing until you're satisfied." She glanced up to him with a smirk, then gestured to the deck with her now free hand.

"Cut the deck wherever you like, and place that half beneath the other. Then it begins."

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"Well, here goes nothing," Omarion said with a nervous smile. He did as Omorose instructed, cutting the deck almost evenly then stacking it appropriately.
He set it in front of her and waited, curious as to what she would draw. Tarot cards were a curious thing - even in his world they had no proven science or magic behind them.
Though to be fair, he didn't really know much about them. His younger sister had messed with them briefly out of curiosity but that was the only experience he really had with them.

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Omorose glanced once more between Omarion and the cut deck, placing her hand over it with a reverent pause. Maybe it was for dramatic effect, maybe it was necessary in reading the cards. Really, she was letting Omarion brace himself for whatever was to come. Slipping the top card off of the stack, she flicked her wrist to turn the card face up, and set it on the table with a distinct snap.

Six of Swords, reversed. It depicts a woman and child on a small boat, sailing towards a distant land. There is a distinct feeling of loss in it, but also the strong representation of change and new waters. Omorose studies the card's face, and then Omarion's. When she speaks, her tone is matter-of-fact.

"The Six of Swords reversed suggests that you are trying to move on from your past, to transition to a new future. But you are resisting this transition. Maybe you feel it is forced upon you, or that you were not included in the decision. But change is coming, and you must decide what is most important to you. Consider your values. Consider what your heart desires, as much as you consider what your logic deems necessary."

Omorose kept her gaze focused on Omarion, though her stare wasn't threatening. They didn't bore into him, only observing him as she revealed the wisdom of the card to him. "It's a time of transition, not of conclusion."

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If Omarion had been any less disciplined in keeping himself in check, he would have snorted at her.
The card was practically on point, except for one thing.
Though he wasn't even remotely happy about it, he had accepted his current fate. He may have been bitter about it, but he knew it was too late now to back out of the marriage. He'd learned that, in Thunderbird culture, any male who tried to back out of a marriage would be put to death by his betrothed if they so chose and considering how traditionalist Ariella was, he certainly would be killed if he tried.
Some days he thought he would honestly prefer it, but then there was also a good chance that Ariella would wage war on his adopted people and he didn't want that.
"That's not entirely untrue," he muttered.
" that it? Or do we draw more cards? I've never done a reading before so I'm not 100% how this works," he said next, resisting the urge to sigh.

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