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"Alright, let's find Badica and get the hell out of here before that thing comes back. Pretty certain it's just a nightmare manifestation, but it's extremely hard to kill even for me so I'd rather not go up against it again," Phoenix said.

Now that things seemed to have quieted down, Badica and Spinel moved at a steadier pace.
The spirit was oddly less...hostile? Than he was in the real world, making her curious.
"So, uh, why did you attack Lianna when she first appeared? I know she can be intimidating, but she won't harm anyone if they haven't harmed her or those she cares about first, ya know? I'm honestly surprised she didn't blow you up..."
They stopped at a cross section she could have sworn they'd already been through, making her sigh. "Ugh...this place is a friggin' maze. Are we still going the same way?"

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Seho grunted and followed Phoenix; he wasn't in a hurry to run into more of the nope factor either. This whole dream so far had been weird as hell...


Spinel was silent for several long moments. Finally, he spoke. "I and the gods are not on good terms."

And why the hell am I discussing this with a mortal?

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"Gee, with you charming personality, I wonder why," Badica teased him.
After thinking about it for a second, she said, "Doesn't have anything to do with you needing a physical body to attach yourself to, does it?"
Rumbling filled the air before he could give her an answer, causing the ground to shake.
"That, uh, doesn't sound good," Badica mumbled, expression turning to panic.

Phoenix stopped as the rumbling filled the air and the ground started shaking, though not in the same way it was before.
"Great, now what?" he growled.

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Spinel's only reply to her inquiry was a snort. He too though paused when the ground began to shake. He narrowed his eyes and tucked his arms into the sleeves of his robe. "We have company."


Seho felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. "Is it even possible to die in a dream??"

(Expect Seho to just have an "I'M DONE" moment in the near future XP)

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"Please tell me that company means Seho or Phoenix," Badica said, swallowing.
Crap, she didn't have any powers that would actually be useful in the dream realm.
All she could do was split her soul from her body and that would seriously leave her vulnerable if something was actually trying to kill her.

Phoenix snorted. "That depends on if what's trying to kill you is real or just a nightmare. Pretty certain it just puts you in a comatose state, though, but hey, what do I know? Not really looking to find out, are you?"
They really needed to find Badica.
He closed his eyes to see if he could sense her...and failed. It felt as if she was there, but he couldn't tell where, as if her presence was muted in an unnatural way.
He frowned.
"Hey, lover boy, can you sense Badica at all? It feels like I can sense her somewhere in this hellhole, but..." he shook his head. "Nevermind. Just see if you can pin point her for me since you two are sharing a dream world."

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The shadows moved unnatrually nearby, and Spinel frowned. It wasn't being caused by him; someone--or something--was messing with his domain. "Other than those two."


Seho sputtered at being called 'lover boy'. "I-! I'm not--! You- I- her--" He spluttered, face reddening.

He and Badica were not an item!

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Badica swallowed again. "Okay...can we outrun them or no?" Her eyes shot to where the shadows rippled.
This was just great.

Phoenix rolled his eyes. "Damn, that was too easy. Relax, kid, I'm joking. You two obviously don't know each other very well and it's even more obvious she's head over heels for the guy with white hair. Now see if you can sense her so we're not wondering around this place until you wake up or we die, yeah?"

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As if in response to Badica's question, a pair of red eyes opened up in the shadows. Spinel felt his own hackles rise. "I'm going to assume that is a no." His own shadow began to shift, ready to meet whatever was manipulating his domain in a fight.

It would lose.


Well, that was a relief. His face still felt red as a beet, though. He was about to respond that he had no idea, when he sensed something.

Or, rather, sensed Spinel gearing up for something. And it was strong enough that Seho was surprised whatever the being was doing didn't yank him off his feet. "Aw, shit!"

He started off in the general direction of what he was sensing. With any luck, he'd be able to get there before Spinel blew a hole in reality...or at least, the reality of this dream world. Which would be bad, considering what Spinel could do in dream realms....

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Phoenix followed after him with a frown before he, too, could sense something gathering power. Judging by the feel of it, it had to be Spinel.
He glanced at Seho. So the two could separate in the dream world. Wasn't that just convenient?
He paused, grabbing Seho by the shoulder while he focused on the gathering power. Once he had it locked it, he flashed them both there to find a figure he could only guess was Spinel and Badica.
Phoenix took a step forward before freezing, but it wasn't the shifting shadows that had him frozen.
It was Badica.
Now that he was next to her, he knew why he couldn't find her earlier.
It was because this place, this particular dreamscape, was 100% a part of her. She was creating it.
This type of power, he'd felt it before, but from where?
The energy of it was off, though, as if it was bleeding from her unfiltered instead of a focused, consistent flow.
Was she not doing this on purpose? Could she not control it?
How the hell did a human have this kind of power?
"Phoenix! Seho!" Badica's voice broke his line of thought as she came rushing towards them.

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Seho stumbled at the abrupt change of venue, but succeeded in not falling on his face. Good sign, for once.

He smiled a bit when Badica spoke. "Almost got eaten, but still mostly..." His eyes were drawn to Spinel, who was standing stock-still save for his shadow and the darkness that made up his robes.

The back of Seho's neck prickled. He looked to where the spirit was looking just in time for whatever was looking out from the darkness to dive for Spinel, mouth-first...and bite into him.

Simulatneousy, Seho felt the things teeth as if they were sinking into his flesh. His vision as he crumpled to a screaming pile on the ground, his ears ringing and his nervies alive with agony.

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"Seho!" Badica exclaimed, rushing to him when he collapsed, screaming in agony.
Phoenix cursed.
This was getting fugly.
He waved a hand in the air and a black portal appeared.
"Alright, people and demons, it's way past time to go. Please jump into the swirling black disc or I will throw you through it. Let's go!"
He manifested some nightmarish black birds and sent them at the shadows currently attacking Spinel, though he got the feeling the...demon...god... spirit...whatever the hell he was didn't actually need it.

(So a thought occurred to me. Spinel needs a body to live and he offered Seho a chance to live in order to get what he needed...what if he tried to offer the same thing Badica and her sister when they both nearly died? And for whatever reason they either said no or he couldn't complete the deal possibly due to Badica's blood? Badica would have completely erased the memory from her mind, but perhaps that's how she ended up connected with him when her powers started leaking? Just thought I'd run it by you. If you don't like it or it isn't workable, no big deal)

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A half-dome of shadows formed around Seho's prone form, solidifying to keep Badica away. It wasn't conscious on Seho's or Spinel's part; it was out of instinct. Seho was manipulating the shadows automatically, with no knowledge of it.

Spinel, on the other hand, was proving that he really didn't need the "help"--if anything the monstrous birds were getting in his way. With a screech the tentacled, many-eyed Outsider shadow was sent flying, Spinel close behind with claws out.

Unlike before, the being looked...quite different. Still humanoid in shape, but not so in appearance anymore. Black lines like cracks spidered along his skin, tracing the veins and arteries of blood. His eyes were pitch-black, and his hands were sheathed in a black, shiny, flexible carapace that ended in talons at the fingers. Black was misting off of his body and robes as he fought the monstrosity.

(Hmm...that's actually pretty damn plausible ^^. It'd certainly fill up that big, gaping plot hole.
Next question is; would Spinel remember it, or would the backlash from Badica's blood have wiped his memory too? He's not exactly a run-of-the-mill demon...)

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Badica froze when the shadows appeared around Seho. Did he not want her to help him or something?
She glanced at Phoenix who pointed towards the portal he'd made.
She froze, unsure of what to do and feeling completely useless in the situation. She wanted to help...she just didn't know how.
"Badica, just go! We'll be right behind you!" Phoenix shouted.
He turned his attention to Spinel. "Hey! Before you go all apocalyptic let's get out of here!" He shouted at the spirit.

(I was thinking he DID remember, but is being his usual self and withholding the information because of pride or whatever. If you want him to not remember, though, we can work that angle. But all hell will break loose whenever I bring in Dasia because she will remember...and she's a top notch assassin who will be furious over the whole thing)

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The horror attacked Spinel again, this time using its tentacle as a whip. As it reached the being, it solidified and sharpened into a blade, cutting into Spinel's side. The being hissed and swore in a language that had long since been lost to time.

A fresh wave of pain overcame Seho; the shadows over the young man closed even tighter, instinctively protecting him.

Frowning, Spinel teleported away from his attacker; if he didn't end this monstrosity soon, just the pain alone would kill his host. And, as much as the arrangement frustrated the spirit, it wasn't something he could allow to happen; he needed the body. Preferrably while it still had a pulse.

(Which would no doubt go badly for Seho XP. As for whether or not the backlash would put a hole in Spinel's powerful is Badica's blood in this RP, anyway? I'd expect that would have an influence on it.)

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When Badica didn't budge, looking rather freaked by the whole thing, he shoved her into it.
Immediately, the entire place shook violently as everything around them began to disintegrate without the creator of dreamscape present to hold it. Definitely something he would have to talk to Lianna about.
"Damn it, let's go!" Phoenox snarled at Spinel. Like Badica, he couldn't get to the kid because of the shadows surrounding him so it was up to Spinel whether or not he made it into the portal.

(Well to be honest, I haven't quite figured out how powerful she is yet. She's going to be pretty damn strong, because her mother is the Mystic of dreams and her father is the Titan of Peace. Originally, he wasn't nearly as strong as Lianna but I may or may not adjust that. He won't have as much primal power at his disposal as Lianna does, though, that's for sure. So I'm gonna go with she's going to be at least as strong as a Titan of War, probably more. Her powers will center more around illusion and dream manipulation. So the backlash could potentially be epic. Though now that I think about it, it would probably be more of a result of the deal containing her powers and god/Titan blood than it would be directly from her blood. Spinel could also be part of the reason the seal is cracking to begin with. Lol)
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