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Damara narrowed her eyes. "You know, I can understand a certain level of distrust and caution where we're concerned, but we really are trying to prepare as best as we can against The Outsiders. Whatever information you have that can help us fight them would be greatly appreciated. Especially since we're about to have all our major power players, including the remaining Titans of War, on stand by in case this all goes to hell. You really wanna be surrounded by that many gods and near gods if we find out you're withholding information?"
"Yeah, you didn't hesitate to nearly kill a teenage girl and put her in the hospital for weeks. What's another kid to you?" Badica demanded.
Damara looked like she'd been slapped at those words.
Good, Badica thought. Feel guilty, you self righteous bitch.
Lianna stepped forward. "Badica, we've been over this. Please put the past aside, at least for this. There were extenuating circumstances at the time and believe me when I say Damara really is sorry for what she did. Right now, we need to focus on this latest threat." She looked at Spinel. "Do they have any known weaknesses? Even small ones we can use to our advantage? What are their strengths and main abilities?"

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Spinel sighed; he did not like revealing information. But....

Between the two options, dealing with the Outsiders was the lesser of two evils.

"Individual strengths depend on the Outsider." He said. "But in terms of overall abilities, they're capable of warping reality, breaking and warping minds, turning people and objects into...horrors they control, like appendages.

"As for weaknesses..."
Spinel shrugged. "I know you don't like the answer, but they don't have very many. So far as I know, the only banes they have are the Outer Gates and keepers of them. Which is probably why they're trying to escape."

"Hang on though," Spinel looked to Seho. "That...guy at the shop, that warlock you were calling him...he was using an Outsider. If the Outer Gates are keeping them outta this reality, then how the hell did that thing happen in the shop?"

Spinel sighed again. "Not all Outsiders are on the same level, in terms of power. I'd also say intelligence, but..." Another shrug. "If they have sentience in the traditional sense, then it's an alien one to us.

"Back on topic, some are more powerful than others. That means that there are minor Outsiders that can be...controlled, after a fashion."
Spinel seemed to sit back in Seho's shadow, as if he were sitting in a chair. He steepled his hands. "Our friend from the shop was one such example. And before you ask, yes; humans can make pacts with Outsiders to gain access to their power. It, in effect, makes them part Outsider themselves."

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"Well, I think we deduced that much yesterday," Damara responded to his last statement with a grimace.
She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Do if the oneswho guard the Outer Guards stop them...would it be reasonable to suggest other Gate Keepers might be able to as well? Granted, ours don't have anything to do with those particular gates, but their trans dimensional powers should be similar, yes? I wonder if we could use them to lock any stray Outsider up in a different dimension?"
"Maybe, but the Gate Keepers are in hiding and we can't risk exposing them for any reason that doesn't concern the Chaos Gods because that would spell disaster for the world even more so," Lianna said.
"What about Nezra? She could draw on their powers and as half dragon shifter, she'd be stronger anyway," Damara suggested.
"She won't risk it either...besides, you try to tear her away from her family right now and she'd likely have both our heads. Aruka could help, though. He's full dragon shifter and we could possibly open a new dimension to throw the stray ones in and we'd be able to keep an eye on it..."
Aruka was a dragon shifter. The strongest of the shifter races, they had the ability to open gates to other dimensions and a few of them had the ability to create new ones. They were near mythic in their abilities and it was why the few clans that existed stayed primarily to themselves, hiding deep in vast deserts or thick rainforests.
One of the rare dragon shifters who could create dimensions, Aruka was the most famous for creating the Demon Lands, a continent that existed in a separate dimension where demons and other beings could live out in the open instead of hiding and blending in with humans.
He'd recently rejoined the world and was currently living in the Sahara with another shifter tribe.
Lianna pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to figure out all their options.
She glanced at Spinel. "Any of this sounding possible?"

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Spinel was tapping his bottom lip with one long, thin finger. "Perhaps. The only way we'll be sure is if we try it." A pause. "Not much to loose by doing that, at least."

Seho gave Spinel a funny look. "You're being strangely cooperative." He said, slowly. Spinel raised an eyerow, and Seho could feel his wordless inquiry through their bond. "What's your gain from this?"

"Gain?" Seho rolled his eyes at Spinel's innocent tone. "What makes you think I'm doing this for my own sake?"

"Because you're you." Seho replied. "You never do anything that doesn't benefit you in some way. Including keeping me alive."

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Lianna cast a wayward glance in Spinel's direction before addressing Damara. "Why don't you call up your brothers and sisters while I go get Aruka. Who knows? Maybe Nezra will come help, but I highly doubt it."
"One family reunion of 50,000 year old psychos coming right up," Damara muttered drily before she left the kitchen to go make her calls.
Lianna turned to face Spinel with a withering glare. "If I find out you're being cooperative for any other reason beyond self preservation, I will end you and it will not be pretty. I do not tolerate ulterior motives when it threatens those I care about. So you better keep that in mind. As Damara said, we're about to have the Titans of War and some other very powerful people nearby should you choose to misbehave."
Before Lianna gave Spinel a chance to respond, she vanished from the room leaving the group to do whatever.
Coda stepped around Spinel and Seho to stand near Badica. "You okay?" he asked her.
Badica shook her head. "No I'm fucking not. This is a mess. Lianna is being extremely unrelenting with this and I didn't want to be this close to any of the Titans of War again after what happened. I've done my best to avoid them and their craziness and now I'm being thrust back into the middle of it." She let out a ragged breath. "You and Ax will stay here, won't you? I know it'll be crowded with everyone here but it'll help."
"Yeah, of course. Whatever you need. My mom will probably stop by, too, if I'm here. You know how much she and the girls love you."
Badica actually smiled. "Yeah, but maybe it's best your mom leaves your sisters at home while all this is going on."
"Maybe but that won't stop them. You should probably also give your sister a call, too, to see where she's at."
That succeeded in wiping the smile off Badica's face. "Yeah, but I doubt she'll answer. I never know where she's at or who she's tracking."
"I know, but she'll wanna know what's going on at the very least. Anyway, why don't we get back to breakfast? It's probably all cold now, but we can reheat it without much problem."
Badica nodded.

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Seho opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by his growling stomach. Spinel snorted. "And of course, your apetite has the first say."

"Shut up and go back to sleep." Seho grumbled, and Spinel obeyed--albeit, not without a snort of a laugh. "If we're calling in people, mind if I tell Toya wh--"

He didn't get a chance to finish the sentance, as there was a knock on the door. In the back of his mind, Spinel grumbled something about idiots setting things on fire.

Seho rolled his eyes. That meant he could sense Luxor, another being like him. Which meant that, somehow, Toya hadn't needed to be told where he was. Probably tracked the power outflow from that little close-call a few minutes ago....

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Badica's head turned in the direction of the door before she looked at Seho. "I guess that's your friend?" She asked him.
When Seho nodded, she let out a small sigh. "Alright, let's go let your friend join the party I guess."
"You sure that's a good idea?" Phoenix asked with a raise eyebrow.
The Soula demon had been strangely quiet during the entire exchange between Damara, Lianna, and Spinel.
Badica had actually forgotten he was there. Though he had such a domineering presence she wasn't sure how she could...
Well, Lianna was scarier, especially when she got angry so maybe that was why.
Badica rolled her eyes. "If high goddess paranoia said it was okay, I'm guessing it is," she responded.
She went to the door with Coda (and I'm guessing Seho) trailing behind her so she could open it for Seho's friend.

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Tôya looked up from his phone as the door opened. He smiled and waved. "Yo. Damn, Seho, you look like shit."

"Oh fuck off." Seho grumbled. Tôya only snickered.

Tôya Anazei had been assigned his roommate when he started at university, and now that they were out of a dorm and living in an apartment hadn't changed the roommate arrangement. The man was about Seho's age, wore glasses, had medium-brown skin, and kept his short black hair...mostly tidy. Right now he was appraising the motley group of weird that Seho had managed to...

...Attracted, he supposed. Though 'stumbled onto' was probably a more accurate term, given the disoriented stumbling of the previous day.

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"Ah, yeah, sorry about that. My friends are horrible influences," Badica said with a half smile.
Coda snorted. "Oh, please! Like you weren't the one who - oof!" Coda stopped mid sentence when Badica elbowed him in the stomach.
"Anyway, I'm Badica. Nice to meet you. Come on in and join the circus." She stepped aside to let Toya inside before she made the introductions.
"This is Coda, Ax, Alvara...and our baby sitters Damara and Phoenix. Uh...that's everybody except Lianna, who I think will be back shortly..."

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Tôya nodded to each person in turn. "I'm Tôya Anazei. Seho's roommate, and..." He looked to Seho. "Okay, I don't even need Luxor to smell the power coming off these guys. They know"

"Oh, they know." Seho deadpanned. "Oh gods do they know."

Tôya nodded slowly. "Ohhkaaayyy then...mind catching me up to speed about the insane that's been going on since yesterday? You missed classes and work, and it's kinda worrying..."

Seho blinked a couple times before it sunk in. Then he smacked his hands over his face and paced the room. "Ah shit! Fuck me. Fuck me sideways with a cactus, dammit." Given the chaos of the previous day, between the Outsiders and Spinel being a general ass, he'd completely forgotten about classes.


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Badica flinched at his panic.
"Oh, Seho, I'm sorry," she breathed as she realized just how much of his life was actually disrupted by all this. Granted, she wasn't much better off, but she hadn't been thrown into complete chaos surrounded by people she didn't know.
She, at least, had her closest and dearest friends with her.
Damara stepped forward, apparently done with her calls and texts. "Unfortunately, you won't be able to return to classes until this is all over. If we hadn't been dragged into Spinel's war with The Outsiders, sure. But as it stands, we still don't understand what the connection between you and Badica is and why the two of you have been having dreams about each other for the past few weeks. Until we can figure out why you two are connected and learn how to safely sever it, if need be, then you're more than welcome to. Until then, however, you're stuck here. The Titans have all been notified and will be standing by for further instructions."

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Seho moaned again at the news. "Crap. Dammit. Crap."

Toya put a hand on his shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better, I can sit in on your classes for you and take notes, and get homework assignments. Can't do the lab stuff, though..."

Seho shook his head. "It's...argh." He ran his hands through his hair, mussing it even more than it already was. "And isn't going to my classes going to throw yours all off-kilter?"

Toya shrugged. "I'll try and grab the ones I can. It's no trouble, really."

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"I'm really sorry, Seho," Badica mumbled looking contrite.
Lianna chose that moment to appear. She was alone, so Badica wasn't sure if she'd accomplished what she wanted to or not.
Lianna cast a glance at Toya before turning to Damara. "Well, we're in luck. Both Aruka and Nezra are willing to help us. How did it go with the Titans?"
"I got a hold of everyone except Herron, Vaden and Sin. Herron won't participate in anything concerning the Titans and Indica has to contact Vaden since she's the only one he even likes. As for Sin...I'll have to leave him up to you because I don't know how to reach him...I'm not really sure about involving those two, to be honest, Lianna. Vaden's a contentious asshole on his best day and Sin is...well, he's unstable. You know that. Not much better than a wild animal most days. Tensions are still high between everyone and the once Rogues..." Damara said with a frown.
Lianna sighed. "I know, but we need all the backup we can get. I'll go see if I can coerce him into helping here shortly.
Badica grimaced at their conversation. Out of the three mentioned, the only one she could stand was Herron. The Titan of Justice, he was actually blind except when in Titan form and even then mostly saw blurry outlines. He much preferred to stay out of the Titans' way because of his blindness. She remembered helping him out some as a teenager when he didn't have a home assistant, something he did not only for help around his house but also to alleviate some of his loneliness. She felt bad enough for him that she sometimes checked on him. As for Vaden and Sin...well, if she never had to see either of them again, it would be too soon. Vaden was the Titan of Hate and extremely hostile on his best day, but Sin...he was insane, beyond hostile, and as Damara had said, not much better than a wild animal.
In retrospect, she did feel bad for him. At least to her, it was obvious that something horrible had to happen to him for him to act the way he did now.
Even so, she never wanted to see him again.
She let out a sigh. As if sensing the direction of her thoughts, Coda reached out to rub her back a bit. Secretly, she savored the gesture, but tried not to make it obvious.
"So...where does this leave us, exactly?" she asked Lianna with a frown.
"With the remaining Titans of War and Aruka and Nezra willing to help, we should hopefully have what we need, though there are a few others I can contact just in case...It's just a matter of how we find the Outsiders...or how they find out. Your apartment as been shielded, but we may still need to move you guys somewhere were everyone can stay...Coda, Ax?"
Coda and Ax both let out simultaneous groans.
"If you're talking about putting everyone in my Uncle's mansion, Lianna, just skin me now. He's already surly enough with just his pack and his mate and daughters in that giant fucking place. Add the Titans and our other friends and he'll be unbearable," Ax said with a bit of a whine in his voice.
That had Coda giving a sinister laugh. "Oh do it. I'd love to see him practically crawling up the walls in agitation."
"You heartless bastard! You're not the one that lives there and has to deal with him!" Ax snarled at him, though there was a light in his eyes that said he wasn't really mad.
"That's your fault for playing dutiful nephew. I told you we could have become roommates but noooooo, you had to step up to be beta, huh? All Macar has to do is ask you to jump and you ask how high," Coda laughed at him.
Despite the direness of the situation, Badica had to stifle a laugh at their bantering.
Coda still hadn't gotten over Macar, an extremely wealthy Greek werewolf, mating his mother Sheli. He had a lot of respect for Macar, but his mother was damn near a sacred entity in his world so any chance he got, he tried to get under Macar's skin.
Leave it to two of her best friends to make her feel better without even trying. Now all they needed was Grim here to annoy Alvara and she'd be set for entertainment.
Made her wonder where the reaper had gotten off to, now that she thought about it.

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(Sorry about the sporadic posting; laptop screen is le busted. Thankfully it's in the shop and awaiting a new screen so it can be repaired XP)

Seho groaned and rubbed his temples; the headache was back, and this time it had nothing to do with his hangover. It had everything to do with the hot mess Spinel had gotten him into. Dear god, what did I do to deserve this...

Toya gave Seho a look. "Buddy, methinks you've got a lot of explaining about the current situation to do." He said. "What the hell did you two get into?"

Seho shot Toya a dirty look. "Oh, I didn't do a damn thing." He replied sullenly. "You can lump all the blame for this fiasco on Spinel."

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"Spinel seems to have attracted some fairly sinister new threats and thanks to Seho and Badica having some sort of strange connection we don't quite understand, we're being dragged into the middle of it. Both a good and bad thing, I suppose. I'm just trying to make sure we're prepared for whatever might happen," Lianna explained.
Wow. That was a first, Badica thought.
Lianna was never open with anyone new like that.
"I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on our new friends called Outsiders, Toya. You house a being similar to Spinel, correct?" Lianna asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
Ah, well, that explained it.

(Its fine. I figured something was up and that you were just really busy or something like that)
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