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Character Sheet:

Name: Badica
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: Sparee (Spar -ree)
History: (Will add later)


Other Characters: Alvara, Grim, Dasia, Sheli (She - Lie), Lianna, Damara, Pheonix,
Xamia, Rian, Raiya, Raden, Nekane, Nadae, Indica, Faro, Eden, Cai,Briony, Kyran, Nezra, Aruka, Ax,Coda

Re: SolarXBlue

Running. Running.
It seemed to be the only thing Badica was doing in the vast, dark nothingness that surrounded her. The only sounds were her footsteps and the blood rushing in her ears as she ran. Her chest hurt and she could barely breathe, but her legs refused to stop to let her rest.
Where was she? She certainly wasn't in purgatory; she could see no traces of the between of the spirit realm. No paths, no spirits, no Reapers...Just black nothingness.
Was that a person up ahead?
"H-hey!" she shouted, though she didn't quite know how with how hard she was breathing.
She couldn't make out much about the person other than it was definitely a man with maybe reddish brown hair with his back turned to her.
At her shout, the man turned, revealing a faceless creature with blood and gore dripping out of the hole where his face used to be.

Badica woke up screaming, her chest tight, and sweat dripping down her forehead.
She turned her head to the right and cried out again at the sight of a skeletal face no more than a foot away from her. She backed into the corner of her crappy mattress against the wall.
"Jesus fucking Christ, Baddie, it's just me!" Grim said, throwing her hands up. The skeletal facepaint that she usually wore faded to reveal a slightly more friendly face.
Badica released a sigh of relief, closing her eyes. "Damn it, Grim, stop doing that to me."
"'Nother nightmare, huh?" she said, the facepaint reappearing.
She wore it to hide her identity and to look scarier. It worked, because otherwise she had a bit of a baby face, which didn't help her short stature either.
"Yeah...Alvara's dream catcher didn't work for long...where is she, anyway?"
"She left for the shop already, but gave me a call because she was worried about you. You can tell her to stop using her hoodoo voodoo shit to summon me, by the way. It hurts like a bitch and it'd be a shame to cut a long lifeline like hers short on reflex," Grim responded.
Badica rolled her eyes. Alvara had a love-hate relationship with the Grim Reaper. She wasn't fond of having an angel of death hanging around, but for whatever reason Grim had taken a liking to Badica years ago, after she'd saved her from prematurely getting stuck in purgatory.
"Also, she left you fresh coffee in the coffee pot and wanted me to let you know to take your time getting to the shop. Which, I would, because you look like shit."
"Gee, thanks," Badica muttered as she crawled out of bed and made her way to the kitchen so she could get her cup of coffee. She mixed in her creamer and sugar before taking an appreciative sip.
Grim scrunched her nose at her. "How do you drink that shit?"
Badica cocked a brow at her. 'Like this. Don't you have reaping to do or something?"
The reaper shrugged. "Maybe, but there's a dozen more of us in the city right now so I'm free a little longer for baby sitting duty."
Badica sighed, but didn't say anything. Her nightmares lately had gotten worse and more frequent. Sometimes she could remember them; sometimes she couldn't. One thing she was sure of, though, they seemed to revolve around one person. She hadn't really seen his face yet, but she couldn't shake the feeling from her gut that it was always the same guy.
"You've been having a lot of nightmares lately, Bad. You didn't come in contact with someone on one of your spirit runs for a client, did you?"
"I doubt it. I haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen lately," Badica responded. She was what was called a Sparee, a human who had come close to death that had gained the ability to separate her soul from her body and traverse the spirit realm in spirit form. She used her abilities to see if she could contact dead loved ones for people, but er kind was not very well received in the supernatural world and it was very rare for someone like her to live a long, happy life without keeping a low profile.
She'd only made it this long thanks to Grim and some other friends in high places.
"I think you need to lay low for a while, just until we can get to the bottom of your nightmares," Grim hedged.
Badica shook her head. "No, I'm fine. Seriously."
"Is that why you've been avoiding Lianna?"
Lianna was one of those friends in high places. An extremely powerful woman that even the gods themselves sometimes feared, Lianna had made sure she and her sister had been placed with a family where they would be cared for after their family died in a fire when they were girls and she had kept an eye on Badica and her sister Dasia over the years. She was definitely part of the reason Badica was still alive.
"I don't want to worry her," she muttered sheepishly.
"Yeah, that's what I thought. You really need to be more careful, Bad. Seriously. But, until then, I'm baby sitting, so finish your coffee, shower, and let's get going," Grim told her.
'Ya know, for an 18 year old gangster, you're quite the mother hen," Badica noted.
"Yeah, and for a 26 year old artist, you're quite the pain in my ass," Grim shot back.
"Whatever," Badica muttered before finishing her coffee and going to take a shower.

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Re: SolarXBlue

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Not for the first time, Seho cursed his insomnia.

He splashed cold water on his face, then patted it off with the towel. Can't get to sleep till almost five, and here I am awake at seven again. Jesus fucking christ, it's gonna be one of those weeks again. He scowled at his reflection in the mirror, with his hair everywhere and dark circles under his eyes. Yep. Today's gonna suck.

Well, at least Spinel wasn't being an asshole and jumping out of the mirror this time. That had resulted in a trip to the emergency room and stitches on his hand. And a new mirror.

As if on cue, the spirit being's image appeared in the mirror, peering over Seho's shoulder. "I'm not the one who agreed to the pact. I wasn't the one holding the gun to your head, forcing you to accept it. You could've easily refused."

Seho glared at the being. "Yeah, yeah. Maybe I would've, if you hadn't offered it after my skull'd been caved in."

"It was still your choice."

Seho snorted and threw the towel at the mirror, then grabbed his shirt and finished dressing. Seho Kagizawa, aged twenty-one, was sharing his body with a spirit-being by the name of Spinel. Two years ago, right after he'd turned nineteen, he'd been attacked and nearly beaten to death in an alley on his way back from a party with friends. It was only because Spinel had appeared and proposed his "pact" that Seho was still alive.

He'd been regretting that decision ever since.

"Would you rather be dead and rotting in the ground, then? Because I would gladly grant that wish for you."

Like hell you would. You're using my body as a hding place and we both know it. Fully dressed, Seho grabbed his backpack and left his apartment, planning on stopping by the local Starbucks on his way to work. He didn't know why Spinel tolerated their arrangement, only that he did...and Seho knew it was because he was running from something.

And Spinel knew that Seho knew. And hated it.

It was one of the few things Seho got satisfaction out of.

"So, how've those nightmares been going?"

Seho almost didn't catch himself, Spinel's question catching him off-guard and almost got him hit by a car. You know I hate when you do that.

"You hate everything I do. And you know that reading me goes both ways. I know that nightmare has been keeping you up."

Seho scowled, earning him several odd looks as the light turned and he crossed the street. Shut up. You know damn well how those have been going. You're the asshole causing them.

Spinel snorted. "Really. I haven't seen that girl before, and I know you haven't."

And it's none of your damn business.

"Hm. Suit yourself."
Spinel retreated from Seho's consciousness, and he was more than a little glad for it. He and Spinel had a mutual dislike of each other, and the more the spirit left Seho alone the better as far as he was concerned.

Still...he'd been right about the nightmares. He didn't want to admit it to Spinel--not that he had to, the spirit knew already due to sharing his head--but they scared him. Badly. Part of the pact allowed Seho to use Spinel's power, but he didn't like doing so as that meant the being could take over...and then do whatever he liked with Seho's body. It was a recurring nightmare for Seho, that one day Spinel would be able to take over completely and utterly destroy Seho's consciouness altogether...or worse, trapping him in his own head permanently.....

But lately there'd been...something else. Something other than his usual...brokenness keeping him up. Lately his dreams had included a girl, one he didn't know, and one that he'd never managed to get a good look at before a rush of intense pain and the smell of blood...and then waking up.

I swear to fucking god Spinel, if this has something to do with you I'll find a way to wring your neck till you stop. The being, thankfully, didn't deign to reply. Not that Seho wanted him to.

His musing was interrupted as he was hit by a bone-chilling cold, and he felt an icy chill run up his spine. Followed by a high-pitched hiss, and feeling that something--or someone--was following him.....

Re: SolarXBlue

When Badica was ready to go, Grim zapped her from her and Alvara's rundown apartment to their shop in the square.
Stashed in a corner in tourist central in their city, Mystics and Hijinks was a mystical voodoo shop she and Alvara had started about five years ago. They sold everything from legit items needed for voodoo or magical rituals and spells (only to those who actually knew what they were for though) to trinkets and knick knacks that were popular with the tourists.
Badica handcrafted many of the trinkets herself and also once a week did paintings in the square. She and Alvara both offered their abilities for special services. Alvara was an empath and though not a true psychic by any means used her abilities to especially read people. Plus, her Grandmother had been a true voodoo priestess and had passed on her skills to her youngest granddaughter.
It didn't afford them a fancy living, but it certainly paid their bills and for the most part, they were content with their work.
"Alright, well, I'm feeling a summons. See ya," Grim said before she vanished.
A minute later, a small group of people came out, following by her friend who was dressed in full psychic costume.
"Now y'all come back to Madame Alvara in the near future. Have a blessed day," she called after them in a thick accent Badica knew was fake.
After the customers had left, Alvara shook herself off and removed the headdress and bright, matching oversized dress she usually wore when she was playing psychic.
Underneath wasn't really much better, as her friend loved wearing long flowing skirts and peasant blouses or similar as her day to day fashion.
"Ah, there she is!" Alvara exclaimed in her normal southern accent, "How are you doing? And is that death brat with you?"
Badica laughed. "I'm okay, thanks. And no, Grim took off almost as soon as she dropped me off."
Alvara's face showed her obvious relief. "Thank the gods. That little brat singed the edges of my hair earlier when I summoned her."
She pulled her dark, unruly curls out of the band at her nape and lifted up the ends of her hair to show Badica. It was almost hard to tell with how Alvara's hair was, but she could definitely see where Grim had singed the tips of her otherwise healthy hair. Alvara spent a lot time keeping her hair healthy and natural so Badica knew it would piss her off that her hair get ruined.
"I'll talk to her but she said she doesn't like it when you summon her with voodoo either."
Alvara rolled her eyes. "I summoned her because she wouldn't answer otherwise!"
Badica pinched the bridge of her nose. "I swear, you two are worse than me and Dasia growing up."
"Oh, no, love, you and Dasia were WAY worse," Alvara corrected her.
"So, the dream catcher stopped working, I take it?"
Badica nodded. "Yeah..."
"Damn it. I thought for sure that would work. Is it the same boy?"
"I think so...but I still haven't seen his face...this time it was gone and replaced by blood and gore."
Alvara shivered. "Well, if someone is messing with you, they certainly don't want you to know who it is."
"Yeah, Grim thinks I should stop using my powers and maintain a low profile."
"And for once, I agree with her! You're lucky to have the friends you do, Badica. Most don't take kindly to humans dicking around in the afterlife like you do. Until we figure this out, I think you should refuse any clients."
"Not you, too, Allie," Badica muttered with a sigh.
"Yes, me, too. At least today. I don't like the feeling of the air today. Besides, I got supplies in that need to be stocked," Alvara said.
"I swear sometimes I think you really are psychic," Badica muttered as she headed to the back.
Come to think of it, though, she had a bad feeling in her gut, too. Like something was about to happen. She'd brushed it off as residual effects of her nightmares, but it felt worse today than normal.
She brushed it aside when she head the bell attached to their door jingled signaling a new customer.

Re: SolarXBlue

Seho almost didn't react to the...thing in time; he felt it's sickly, oily breath on the back of his neck just as its fingers brushed his shoulder--and he reacted, stumbling away from the thing and turning at the same time to see what it was.

He wished he hadn't.

It looked like a pile of rags hovering above the ground. An oily hissing sound was coming from what he assumed its mouth was, behind the streamers of fabric hanging over its face. It didn't have a distinguishable nose, and empty sockets where eyes belonged. And long, taloned fingers.

Sure, it looked creepy. But it also felt wrong to Seho.

"Seho, I know you hate taking my advice, but run. Unless you want to be eaten."

Seho didn't need any more prompting, warning from Spinel or no. And just in time, as the thing reached out again, the arm seeming to extend unnaturally.

He didn't bother looking where he was going; he just wanted to get away from the hissing of the thing's breath--which didn't seem to get any farther away, no matter how much he gunned it. With each pound of his food against the pavement, his heart pounded in his ears and icy cold pulsed from where its fingers had contacted his flesh. What is that thing?!

"It'd take too much time to explain, and you don't want the distraction."
Came Spinel's reply. "Trust me."

Seho tripped. Cursing, he considered telling Spinel to stuff it if he wasn't going to explain how the hell to get rid of that thing, because right now Spinel was the distraction...until the same icy cold pulsing from his shoulder wrapped around his ankle, and yanked him back down to the pavement.

He tried getting up again, panic starting to set in. Oh, crap. Oh crap. I'm used to crazy shit from Spinel, but this is new. I don't like this new. He kicked the streamer off his ankle, only to end up entangled in several more. CRAP!!

This time the thing slammed its taloned hand down on his throat. The cold hit him like a lightning bolt, and Seho couldn't breathe. The thing wasn't exerting any pressure, but it was holding him in place either way, stealing his breath and ability to move.

The oily breath hissed in and out of its mouth. "Sssssspinnnnellllllsssssss."

Of course. As if sharing a body with a maniac wasn't bad enough. No, not today. Not dying today. Nope.

The thing's grip squeezed on his throat, and as much as Seho hated to he used one of the abilities he gained from Spinel; shadow-shifting. Reaching out to the darkness of the alley he was in, he called the shadows around him, to engulf him, let his body sink in....

....and out of the grip of the hissing thing. He gasped for air as he all but fell out of the shadow of the building he'd reappeared in, a hand to his throat. The skin felt raw and blistered, but at least he was safe. He hoped.

Spinel snorted. "Not likely. I doubt running away would deter it. You'll need to find someplace protected."

Seho didn't even have the energy to frown. You're being strangely helpful. He thought to the spirit. Breathing still hurt his throat, and the cold pain in his shoulder wasn't going away. If anything, it felt like it was getting worse.

"Just because I hate our little arrangement doesn't mean that I don't require it. I need your body, and I'd prefer it stay in one piece." Spinel replied. "Speaking of which, you'll want to get those injuries looked at. And before you ask, yes, on a supernatual level."

Seho's vision was starting to swim. He didn't think he'd been hit that hard by the...thing, but apparently it had. Either that or the shadow-walk had done it...either way, it wouldn't be a good idea to pass out in the middle of a busy street. He opened the door to a shop, he didn't see the name of it, only half-registering what was happening.

Re: SolarXBlue

Badica gasped, dropping the box in her hands as an injured man stumbled through the door of their shop.
"Oh my god! Alvara!" she called out, rushing to him when he fell to the floor.
She heard her friend curse in Cajun, swiftly following behind her.
"We need to call 911...where's my phone?" Badica muttered, digging around in her pants pockets to no avail.
"No, those wounds are supernatural; I can feel it. He isn't human...not entirely at least. You need to call Sheli," Alvara responded as she checked over the man.
"Okay, I guess we should close up for the day, yeah?" Badica said, finally finding her phone in her jacket pocket instead of her pants.
Alvara jumped up, quickly pulling down the black curtains and flipping their OPEN sign to CLOSED.
While she did this, Badica dialed Macar's, Sheli's mate, number since Sheli herself did not carry a phone. Listening to the phone ring, Badica looked him over. There was...there was something oddly familiar about him...
Her eyes widened in horror when she realized why.
The man from her nightmares!
Though she'd never seen his face before, she could feel it in her gut. It was him. She'd never expected him to be so young...
"Hello?" came a deep, Greek accented voice, snapping her out of her head. It took a "Badica?" from the other side of the phone to get her to speak.
"M-Macar? Is Sheli a-around? There's a man injured at our shop...We n-need her h-help," Badica stammered out, still trying to get through her shock.
Macar didn't say anything to her directly, instead speaking to someone off to the side.
A moment later, Sheli appeared. Barely taller than 5'2", Sheli was a petite woman with dark skin and hair and piercing gray blue eyes. Badica had learned from an early age not to let Sheli's petite appearance fool her. The woman had an iron will forged through hellfire and a tongue that could bleed an army.
She didn't hesitate to kneel down beside the man, waving a glowing hand over his body as she surveyed the damage.
"I don't recognize these wounds. What would have done this?"
"Can you heal him?"
"I think so. Is there a table we can move him to?"
Badica nodded. "You can use the table I use for splitting."
A staff appeared in Sheli's hand. Made from dark wood, it had wolves engraved in it, running towards the top of it where a partially carved wolf held a gem known as dragon's eye in its teeth. Dragon's eye was a gem found buried deep in the earth, typically in tropical climates. According to Sheli and other sources, it was a great receptor and magnifier for magical powers like Sheli's.
Eyes glowing, Sheli muttered words under her breath in her native Arukian tongue.
The man's body began to float in the air and as Badica directed Sheli to the back room where she performed her more private services, Sheli navigated the body through the air until she landed him gently on the table.
Both Badica and Alvara stepped back while Sheli did her thing, continuing to murmur words neither could understand.
Badica could feel Sheli's magic in the air, causing the hair on the back of her nape to stand up. But her magic wasn't the only thing that had Badica on edge. What were the chances of the man from her nightmares crashing into their shop and injured no less?
Why was she having nightmares about him? Was he doing it on purpose? Unknowingly? Did he mean her harm or could he even be reaching out for help? Why, though? And what had attacked him?
Gods, so many questions she had no answers for.
"It's him, isn't it?" Alvara whispered out of the blue.
"Your nightmares. He's the one from your nightmares, right?"
"How did you..."
"I can feel your inner turmoil and from the moment I got close to the two of you I could feel a connection between you both," Alvara said.
Badica nodded. That would make sense of course.
"I guess now I know what his face looks like," Badica muttered, crossing her arms over her chest and shivering.
She glanced over at the table. " he's doing, Sheli?" she asked.
Sheli sighed. "I think I have him out of the danger zone, but I still have a long way to go and I don't know if I can fully heal him. Whatever creature did this to him is unlike anything I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot. I'm gonna have to notify Lianna about this. Do you know him, Badica?"
"N-no," Badica responded.
Sheli cocked a brow at her. "That was real convincing. Want to try that again?"
"She's been having nightmares about him for weeks," Alvara supplied.
"Alvara!" Badica snapped in protest.
"Oh, no, missy! You have been utterly stubborn about this since the very beginning! Weeks of nightmares and then he shows up at our front doorstep injured? Something far greater than me or your's understanding is happening and I want to know what it is before it gets you killed!"
"I concur," Sheli joined in, "I'm summoning Lianna."
As if on cue, another powerful presence, more so than Sheli's, filled the room.
almost six foot in height with black hair, electric blue eyes, and dressed almost completely in black, Lianna made for one hell of an intimidating sight.
Badica wouldn't expect less from a woman so powerful, she even terrified the gods.
Lianna was still much a mystery to Badica, but she'd been an ever present force in her life since the fire.
"You called?" she asked, turning to Sheli.
Sheli motioned to the man lying on the table. Frowning, Lianna stepped up to it and placed a hand on his shoulder. Power hummed through the room for a few seconds before Lianna removed her hand.
"That's interesting," she muttered, "I haven't seen one of those in a while."
"One of what?" Sheli inquired.
Lianna sighed. "They're name doesn't really have a translation, but they're old and not typically found in this realm. Looks like someone is brought one out to hunt him."
"But why?"
"Probably for the spirit he's housing," Lianna responded.
"Spirit?" Badica piped up.
"He's sharing his body with another. I can't really tell who, so I have no way of knowing whether he's friend or foe. Regardless, I finished healing him for you Sheli so you may go. I'm gonna stick around until he wakes up."
"I'll be back to check up on him tomorrow...and you," she said, pointing a finger at Badica, "I will definitely be in contact with. You keep going the way you're going and you will not find the end result pretty. You understand?"
Badica nodded and the sorceress disappeared, leaving the three of them alone with the man on the table.
"Alvara, go open the shop back up. Badica and I will stay back here with him. Nothing bad will happen while I'm here, I promise."
Alvara nodded and left. Now it was just Lianna, Badica, and the strange man.
"You should have told me you were having nightmares like that, Badica," Lianna said, her expression stern.
Here it came...
"I just...I didn't want to worry you," Badica mumbled weakly.
Lianna sighed. "Listen, Badica, I realize you want to live your own life separate from the craziness of the Titans and their allies and I don't blame you, but when stuff like this happens, you NEED to let someone know. You have a lot of big bad people who care about you who would not be happy if something were to happen to you because you were being stubborn. You and I both know that your powers are not welcomed by many in our world and if not for me or Grim, you might not be alive right now because you choose to use your powers. So please, don't hesitate to call on one of us, alright?"
"Alright...I'm sorry..."
"Besides, Coda would be sad to lose one of his favorite people," Lianna teased her, making her face go bright red.
Coda was Sheli's son and she'd had an obvious crush on him since she was a teen. Well, obvious to everyone except him.
"Yeah, okay," she muttered, unable to respond with anything actually intelligent.

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Seho's head was hurting when he came back to consciousness. How did I end up lying down?

"Because you passed out, dumbass."

Seho groaned. Spinel's commentary was something he did not need right now. Not after that...whatever-it-was tried eating him for lunch.

Speaking of which...where am I? He opened his eyes, and was suddenly very thankful that he was lying down.

"Oh, my. So she's the one you've been having dreams about." Spinel sounded smugger than usual.

He wasn't wrong, though; it was indeed the mystery girl. Seho's mouth dropped open.

Re: SolarXBlue

Time dragged on for Badica while they waited for the man to wake up. Lianna had wanted her to rest, but in all honesty, she was terrified to try to sleep with him near. There was no telling how his presence would affect her nightmares. Would they be gone now that he was near?
Or would they be even worse
Until they had more answers on why she was having nightmares about him, Badica didn't want to test it.
Lianna had finally given up after her counterargument and had freed her to go to the store front to help with customers. It was an unnaturally busy day, with not much else out of the ordinary, but Badica found herself distracted and unfocused so Alvara had vanished her to the back to work on trinkets.
When he gave off signs of stirring, she jumped to attention with Lianna close behind her.
Badica faltered when she and the man's eyes met. Unsure of how to react now that he was awake, she fidgeted.
She'd been having nightmares about him for weeks now...horrible, awful things, that more often than not had left her in a cold sweat and damn near panic attacks. Hell, just thinking about them made her palms clammy.
Lianna placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, almost making her jump.
She swallowed, clenching her fists to steel herself.
"Um...right...glad to see you're awake," she mumbled, "How, uh, do you feel?"

Re: SolarXBlue

It took a couple seconds for Seho's brain to kick in enough to answer. "Um. Fine. Where am I?"

The woman--neither woman, as there were two other people in the room--didn't get a chance to reply, when the familiar tingle of Spinel rearing up rose from the depths of his mind. As well as the shadow of the taller, black-clad woman, taking the shape of Spinel....

Seho's eyes went wide, and despite any lingering aches from the encounter with the monster, he shot into a sitting position, one hand extended out. "Spinel don't!" He barked, shoving all the will he could into the words.

The being strained at his mind, but was kept at bay. Still, the taller woman's shadow retained its humanoid shape, the "eyes" from Spinel narrowing. "You don't know what this one is capable of. I don't know about you, but I can smell her power from a mile away. I don't normally trust things that set my teeth on edge, and you shouldn't either."

Re: SolarXBlue

Lianna's eyes began to glow as power hummed through the room.
A chill crept down Badica's spine as a hint of Lianna's inner Titan peaked through her skin; blue veins glowing the same shade as her eyes.
"I would suggest you not threaten me if you want to live, Spinel. I am not to be trifled with. "
Badica's eyes darted between Lianna, her deformed shadow, and the man on the table.
"Guys, please," she pleaded in strained tones, "my little shop can't handle a show down and I don't have the money to fix it if you two come to blow. I just want to know what's going on so I can fix it." she crossed her arms over her chest, her face tight. "I really just want to be able to go to sleep without seeing you with a gory hole where your face should be, okay?"
Her last sentence was said to the guy sitting on the table.

Re: SolarXBlue

The power from the taller--and admittedly scarier, though Seho would never, ever admit it--of the two set Seho's teeth on edge and the hairs on his arms standing up, but he didn't let up on his mental assault on Spinel. He knew very well that the being was much stronger than him, and he did not want to have to try and intervene after Spinel started a bloodfest.

Or, try to yank control of his body back from the being. Which would be equally difficult.

Spinel hissed at the woman's power. "Nor am I, Titan." He snarled, and he tried to force his way through Seho's block. "Damn it, Seho! Don't make me break you...."

"Just...calm the fuck down." Seho ground out, directing the reply at Spinel. "You don't--"

He was cut off as the woman from his nightmares spoke. Unbidden, the smell of blood flared in his nostrils... What--?

Unfortunately, the distraction took enough of his attention off of Spinel to allow the being to wrap a shadow-hand around the taller woman's arm.

Re: SolarXBlue

As Lianna gave an inhuman snarl, Badica reacted without thinking. She split herself, pulling her soul from her body. With no soul to navigate it, her physical body collapsed.
Her soul was stronger than she was in her physical body so maybe...
"Badica, what are you doing?" Lianna snarled at her as she wrapped her hands around Spinel's shadow hand.
"Let go!' She shouted, "Let go let go let go!"
She won't hurt you so long as you back off! She's friendly I swear! Just really scary when you piss her off like right now! So please!"
Now, she was desperate, but she couldn't the hand to budge no matter how hard she tried and she couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her face as she realized Lianna might blow everything up if she went full Titan.
"Alright, shadow bitch, let the super scary Titan lady go, or the pretty white boy here gets his life thread severed," came Grim's voice above the chaos.
Badica looked over to see Grim standing behind the guy with her scythe at his neck.
"Oh, and good luck pulling your shadow trick on me, motherfucker, because I ain't got one," Grim warned in a deadly tone. She smirked down at the man.
"Though it looks like you cheated death once already, huh? I'm guessing through whatever that is that's got Lianna in a hissy fit, yeah?"

Re: SolarXBlue

If Seho was already reeling from the encounter with the hissing monster before, the panic was already starting ro rear its head again when the lady with the scythe spoke, scythe in question against his neck, cold metal sending goosebumps all over his body. He gulped, trembling.

Spinel's eyes in his shadow-form narrowed. "And what makes you think I care about him? He's merely a vessel to me. It won't take any effort on my part to find another." The being bluffed, and Seho--if nobody else--knew it. "Go ahead, kill him. I'm sure there's another poor soul willing to make a pact."

Seho gulped--again--and found his voice. "Maaaybe if you'd sit down and explain what the fuck just happened, these nice people wouldn't be trying to kill both of us?!" He snapped at the being, hoping to the powers that be that his voice was not nearly as panicky as he thought it was. "I, personally, would rather keep my pulse here."

Spinel snarled at him, his eyes narrowing, but at least he wasn't continuing trying to attack the scary blue-glowing lady. On the downside, he also hadn't removed his hand from her arm, and the other girl...she was still doing her weird thing. Somehow she had a grip on Spinel's shadow-form, but wasn't being hurt by it...Seho could ask about that later, though. At a point when a deadly-sharp blade wasn't being held to his throat.

Re: SolarXBlue

"Have it your way," Grim said, pressing the scythe into Seho's neck.
Then, without warning, Grim and Badica both cried out in pain.
Alvara stepped into the room, muttering something under her breath. Whatever spell she was casting would affect Spinel as well, since it targeted spirits. Unfortunately, she couldn't target a single spirit in the room so Badica and Grim were affected too.
Badica collapsed to her knees, panting hard in pain. She couldn't move. Whatever spell Alvara was casting wouldn't let her. Grim appeared to be in the same predicament, though she still managed to keep a grip on her scythe that she'd removed from Seho's neck.
The spell didn't appear to affect Spunel as much but Lianna felt his hold loosen slightly and took the momentary distraction to free herself and vanish.
As soon as she disappeared, Alvara stopped casting her spell and Badica gasped in relief as the pain vanished.
Still feeling weak, she forced herself to crawl to her body where she pushed her soul into it and become whole again.
She lay there for a second, panting as she got used to breathing again and the other sensations of a physical body.
"Son of a bitch," Grim snarled, "warn a reaper next time, will ya? That fucking shit hurts."
"Sorry," Alvara said, going over to Badica and helping her to her feet, "the only other options would have been to let Lianna go full Titan, something I'm not sure the city would survive, or let Grim kill our friend here and though that sounds appealing, I'd like to find out why he's messing with your brain first. You okay, Bad?"
Badica nodded. "Just peachy...You owe me like 20 tubs of Ben&Jerry's for that, though, you psycho."
Alvara laughed.
Well, now that that was what?

(Sorry I didn't know what else to do lol and Alvara is wearing charms that will prevent Spinal from harming her like that just am FYI)
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