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Jace Dagner(human) - Captain of The Helia, Jace is not to be trifled with. He's friendly enough, but will not hesitate to cut the throats of anyone or anything that threatens those he loves most. No one comes before his crew or his wife, Skye.

Skye Iona-Dagner (mostly human) - Jace's wife and co-pilot, Skye is very motherly. But don't let that fool you, she's just as deadly, if not more so, than her husband and fiercely protects those she cares about with little regard to herself. She's also the med tech aboard The Helia.

Lehra Castella (Coridian) - Lehra has an uncanny ability to read ships and machinery to the point those who know her joke she's part mecha. She's The Helia's engineer and also a skilled pilot and fighter. She has her own ship, Stormy Seas, but prefers to fly with Jace as part of his crew because she loves working on ships so much. She can be sarcastic and fun, but is deadly with a blaster.

Tadeth Bradner (half human/half Nrixan) - Basically a genius, though he can't fly worth a damn, Tad's a jack of all trades. Hacking, stealing, engineering, system tech...he can pretty much do anything he's needed to do. If he doesn't know how, he founds out how. He's fairly quiet and socially awkward around anyone he doesn't know, but once you get to know him...he's a rival to Lehra for snarkiness and sarcasm.

Iren Sola (Unknown) - The next youngest crew member of the Helia, Iren is pretty...special. Discovered in a lab on one the Helia's crew's runs, she was immediately adopted into their merry little family. Because of her upbringing as a genetic science experiment, she isn't friendly, AT ALL. If she feels threatened in anyway, or if any of her crew is threatened, she much prefers to maim first, then ask questions. She's pretty vicious and doesn't pretend to be otherwise.
Appearance: (Couple of notes about her appearance: 1, she doesn't wear makeup and 2, while it's her current appearance because of contacts and hair dye, her actual eye color is metallic purple and her hair color dark red

Scion (Unknown)- The youngest crew member by a couple of years, she was found in the same lab with Iren. She's a hybrid mix of experimental mech technology and organic life form. She has an extremely rough time trying to talk because her voice box was messed up before they found her, so she prefers to communicate via sign language. She's the exact opposite of Iren and is pretty much afraid of everyone who isn't a part of Jace's crew or lives on their small Star Station
Appearance: (the blue is actually a part of her natural hair color)

Rusa Tawain (Vamirian): Rusa Tawain keeps many secrets. As the commander of the Cera Star Station, she's as deadly as they come. Very few want to cross the pirate commander. She has a soft spot for Iren and Scion, though, and often keeps an eye on them when Jace and the others run extra long missions. She's also the one who taught them how to control their powers (as she has her own).

(Actually, I'm changing Iren and Scion's ages. I know I didn't actually specify them, but they'll both be teenagers. Scion will be 16 and Iren will be 18. They still fly less dangerous missions with the crew, but spend a lot of time on the Star Station given both their temperaments and ages. Plus Scion will still be in school)

Re: Solar/Blue

Kendrick MacBeth-Kendrick (or Kenny, or Ken, both of which are nicknames he hates) is a vampire of...he doesn't know how old. Nor does he know if he was born a vampire or was once a human who was turned into one...all he knows at the moment is that he's a vampire, and that he's screamingly gay. He's captain of the Fafnir, a crack shot, crazy pilot, and has a tendency to adopt strays he comes along...whether they're people or animals doesn't seem to matter.
Appearance: ... -586082400

Pendulum-Kendrick's de-facto first mate and the one with the common sense. Pendulum is an android. A very...cranky android. He handles piloting when Kendrick's either asleep or needs help...or is doing something stupid like getting his foot stuck in the toilet (long story, don't ask). On top of it he's also the ship's resident medic and will help with any, ah...emergency repairs when things go sideways (which, given this is Kendrick's ship, isn't exactly rare). As for who built him or why...he's got no idea about that, nor why he can use magic.
Appearance: ... -614063920

Reyny Clowe-Reyny's a halfling who's more than a little skilled with a variety of weapons, not the least of which are the sword and pistol. He's got zero skill with magic, but he's a damn good navigator and iiiis usually the one to have to get them un-lost. He also may or may not be a little...broken, adrenaline junkie that he is.
Apperance: ... -612233069

Fell-The only human in the group. Once upon a time, Fell was a figher pilot in the Yaxar Confederacy's military. But, due to things that he prefers not to talk about, he fell (pun not intended I swear) out of favor and was given a dishonorable discharge, followed by exile. For a time he was a mercenary, but now he's been adopted by Kendrick and his band of misfits.

Tiva-Tiva is one of a race known as the Syri, and they're usually rather...well, they keep to themselves. She was found orphaned in the wreckage of a transport vessel around the age of eight or nine, when Kendrick and company were on a salvage operation for some extra money (after Kendrick had lost it all in a poker game, much to Pendulum's frustration). She was very promptly adopted as the crew's kid, and has been raised by the group of crazies. Somehow, this now-sixteen-year-old girl has managed to turn out (for the most part, anyway) fairly well-rounded and stable, and extremely talented in math and engineering. She's usually following Fell around while he's doing maintenance on the engines. Tiva's also still in school herself.

R'Fixtai-The Tnoidu's a black-markent contact of Kendrick's, and usually his source of warning when he's got authorities on his tail. I'm not going to go into much detail as I'm not anticipating them coming up at all, but I figure I'll mention him anyway.

Re: Solar/Blue

(I added character pictures and added a new character, btw)

"Well, Jace, I think FireShock is a little pissed off that we left her behind on this mission."
As they descended down the ramp of their ship The Helia, Jace Dagner gave an inner groan at his system tech's, Tadeth Bradner, words. Behind him, his wife Skye and his engineer Lehra Castella both burst out laughing.
Sure enough, near the bottom of the ramp stood three women. One of them, an older teenager who was the oldest of he and Skye's adopted daughter, Iren Sola, glared death at him.
At the age of eighteen, she was stubborn, hot tempered, and beyond pissed that he was still refusing to let her go on missions with them. The green of her contacts snapped fire, making him release a sigh.
"Yeah, I don't think she's very happy," Skye murmured, patting him on the back reassuringly.
Beside her was her younger sister Scion, who was way happier to see them. She let out a gasp before she rushed to them. She gave him a tight hug before hugging Skye, Tadeth, and Lehra. When she began gesturing at him excitedly in sign language, he laughed and ruffled her black and blue hair that looked like she'd tried to cut it herself again.
"I missed you, too, mishka. Hope you and your sister behaved while we were gone."
She gave a shy smile and signed at him again, essentially ratting her sister out for being a pain in an ass.
Sixteen, with black and blue hair and silvery blue eyes, they'd found both her and Iren in a lab five years ago while on a raid against a Dr. Dwaith Brakens. Both of them had been science experiments that had screwed them up in ways neither of them could really talk about. Well, Iren refused to talk about it; Scion physically couldn't. Either due to an experiment or due to her strange half inorganic/half organic genetic makeup, her voice box was damaged beyond repair. She could talk if she really tried, but no amount of speech therapy when she'd been younger had made it easier or less painful for her to talk, so she communicated via sign language.
"You tattletale!" Iren snarled as she approached them.
She turned her withering glare to Jace. "You left me behind again, really? And even worse you didn't say a fucking word? You asshole!"
"Hey, kid, watch your mouth. It was too dangerous for you to go on," Jace said sternly, frowning at her.
Iren huffed irritably. "You told me when I turned eighteen I could start running missions with you guys! I turned eighteen almost six months ago!"
Jace sighed, knowing she was right...still, he couldn't bring himself to willingly allow her to put herself in danger like that. Luckily, she wasn't high enough in ranking, or really had any ranking at all, to run her own ship in their pirate nation. Otherwise he had no doubt she'd have already done so.
"I know, Iren, but the mission we went on was too dangerous. I didn't want to take the chance of someone learning what you were."
Because she was technically government property as a science experiment, they were extremely careful with what missions they let her run with them. He didn't want to take the chance of her being discovered. It was why she wore contacts and dyed her hair. Her eyes were actually metallic purple and her black hair was dark red.
Skye reached out to touch the thick, partially matted locks. "Have you been forgetting to brush your hair again?" she chided gently.
Iren practically growled at her before side stepping. "I'm sick of being treated like a child! Who cares if they find out what I am! I'm strong enough to kill them if they try to come at me! I hate you guys!"
Her eyes glowed as the air around her practically began to sizzle, a sure sign of her true fury.
"Lock it down, Iren, or I will," came a lilting female voice.
Rusa Tawain, commander of their Cera Star Station, took a threatening step forward.
Iren glared at her before she let out a shrill snarl and stormed off, no doubt towards one of the training gyms she spent a lot of time in.
Skye looked a little stricken, causing a tick to start in Jace's jaw. No one was spared Iren's temper when it got the better of her.
Looking troubled, Scion stepped to Skye's side and rested her head against her shoulder. To comfort Skye or to comfort herself, he didn't know. She was the exact opposite of her sister; quiet, in personality, and timid of any and all strangers. Where as Iren wanted go headfirst into danger, guns blazing, she didn't seem to mind being left behind for missions other than the fact that it meant being away from them.
He looked at Rusa. Tall and lithe, the Vamirian commander had a lethal aura to her.
"How much trouble was she while we were gone, really?"
Rusa gave a short laugh. "No more so than usual. You know her. She has a bitter fire burning in her soul to get out there. Deep down, she wants Dwaith Braken's heart in the palm of her hand and to bathe in his blood. I'll go check on her. I'm sure she's just burning some of that energy in the gym and her and I haven't spared today. Glad to have you guys back."
With that, she left in the same direction Iren had gone.
"Glad to be back," Jace said.
Skye ran her fingers through Scion's hair. "Did you try to cut your own hair again, sweetie?"
Scion gave an embarrassed half smile.
Skye laughed. "Why don't we get home so I can cut it into something a little less shaggy for you?"
Scion nodded excitedly, making Jace smile.
Scion had a habit of cutting her hair herself when they were gone for prolonged periods of time. They knew it was something done in panic, but Skye always trimmed it up for her when they returned without complaints.
Jace knew she enjoyed it as much as Scion did.
"Alright, let's get home. See you two later for a mission debriefing after we get some family time," Jace said to Lehra and Tadeth.
They took took off in the direction of their housing district. Jace wrapped his arm around Skye's shoulders, who wrapped her arm around Scion's, and the three headed towards theirs.

Re: Solar/Blue

"Kendrick, this is bad."

Kendrick scowled. He knew it was bad. He knew the kind of shape Fafnir's engines were in. He knew that they needed to stop somewhere to do proper repairs.

He also knew that the moment they did they were pretty much screwed.

"I'm serious, Ken. If we don't get the engines repaired, the next time we go FTL we'll be down one ship and crew. I personally don't want to get ripped to subatomic particles."

Kendrick banged his head on the control console in front of him, groaning in frustration. "I know, Fell." He grumbled. "I also know that if we do stop for repairs, we'll be found by the nearest authorities and arrested. Not enthused with the idea."

Fell leaned back in his seat, scowling. "Yeah. I know. But the ship's engines aren't going to hold out much longer; even Pendulum's having trouble keeping them going. Did you know the man can swear in several thousand languages? Some of them dead ones?"

Kendrick knew that, too. Mostly because he'd been hearing the android swearing his metal head off as he did emergency repair after emergency repair.

The vampire groaned again, balling his hands up in his hair. They'd sustained the amount of damage they had in a recent firefight. Kendrick and his crew of oddballs were used to firefights; they got in them all the time, being semi-mercenaries. But this one...this one hadn't been "job"-related. This one had been with an old crime lord that Kendrick had managed to piss off, and this time they'd only barely managed to get away intact. They'd been puttering along on sublight, doing short FTL jumps for as long as the Fafnir's engines could hold out before overheating.

But the one destroyed engine and severely damaged other were taking their toll. The damage they'd taken in the firefight had blown a hole in the engine compartment, one that they no longer had shields to keep the atmosphere in--which meant that Pendulum, the resident android, was the only one who could do any spot-repairs. On top of it, the heat sinks were damaged to the point where even just a short FTL jump risked overheating their remaining semi-operable engine and causing it to explode in a fireball of matter and antimatter. Added on top of this, they'd been running on as minimal power as they could, had no weapons, and their shield emitters were also fried. About the only things that were working fully at the moment were life-support and the grapplers.

Neither of which would help if they got into another conflict.

I hate this.

As much as he hated to admit it, Fell was right; they needed repairs. Which meant that as much as he hated it, he had to stop running silent an start transmitting a distress signal. He sighed and ran one hand through his hair, the other tapping out the emergency distress code.

Here's hoping the ones who pick this up aren't one of the many people who have us on their hit list.

Re: Solar/Blue

Rusa took her time getting to the training facilities.
She well knew Iren needed an outlet to let her temper out before she could even let someone talk to her. It'd been a constant source of trouble ever since Iren had come to the station. At first, she'd been young and terrified and had acted out on instinct to protect herself. It had been more easily forgiven when she'd been a child.
Now, however, she was an adult who was extremely deadly, more so than some of her more seasoned captains.
Resisting the urge to sigh at that, Rusa finally entered the training facilities and quickly located Iren in the training ring, sparing with her nephew, Daneil Hawkings.
The spitting image of his father, her nephew was a few years older than Iren and almost just as capable in a fight.
Iren had a hard time letting anyone near her other than Scion, Jace, and his wife and crew, but she seemed to tolerate her nephew. Some days she even seemed to like him.
Though that sometimes seemed to be too much a stretch.
She stepped up beside the ring and cleared her throat.
Both of them froze, having been disciplined as such, and turned to face her. Daneil smiled at her.
"Hey, Aunt Rusa. What brings you here?"
Item glared at her. "We're busy here," she snapped.
Rusa cocked a brow that had been known to send grown men screaming in terror. "Daneil, why don't you take a break? I'd like to have a bit of a chat with Iren."
"Uh, okay," he answered with a small frown.
"Hey, wait! No!" Iren snarled.
"Oh, don't worry. You and I can spare instead of you really feel the need to beat someone up," Rusa said calmly.
That seemed to quell Iren's ire a bit.
"Uh, see ya," Daneil muttered, climbing out of the ring. He inclined his head to his aunt before sauntering off.
Rusa unwrapped the scarf she wore almost at all times from around her head, revealing a pretty face and black hair she had pulled back in a severe bun. Her green eyes glowed as she pulled off the top of her uniform to reveal the tank top she wore underneath then stepped into the ring.
"You better not go easy on me," Iren growled at her, then attacked.
One thing about their soaring sessions; they pulled no punches.
Well, Iren didn't pull any punches. Rusa herself was too powerful to use her full strength on the teenager, no matter how powerful thought herself to be.
"You shouldn't snap so hard at Jace and Skye for protecting you, Iren. They both love you dearly." She ducked one of Iren's fists before throwing one of her own.
Iren dodged and spun to try to grab her arm, but Rusa twisted to avoid her attack.
"I don't care! I'm tired of twiddling my thumbs! I'm more than capable of being apart of his crew! Or even another crew!" Iren snarled.
"Then why haven't you requested to be assigned to another crew?" Rusa asked.
"Because I thought Jace would honor his promise instead of lying to my face!"
But Rusa knew better.
"Or it's because no other crew that flies under the Black Skull flag has as invested an interest in finding Dwaith Brakens."
Iren didn't answer, proving Rusa's point.
"Yeah that's what I thought. It's why I haven't been allowing you to fly with Jace's crew," she said, finally revealing the truth.
"That's right. You heard me. I have been the one not allowing you to fly missions. While Jace has had a hand in the decision on some, I have ultimately been the deciding vote in them all."
"How dare you!"
Iren's eyes flared with anger, glowing with a power that Rusa was all too familiar with. She was probably the only one who even remotely knew just how powerful Iren actually was, and even she wasn't entirely sure. She could merely feel the power that hummed beneath Iren's skin, flowing with her blood. If Iren ever fully learned to control her emotions, especially her temper, and become disciplined, she had the potential to be truly terrifying
As it was, her anger would eventually be her downfall and she hoped Iren realized it before she was forced to learn it the hard way just as Rusa had had to when she was barely any older than her.
The air crackled around them and Rusa allowed her own powers to flare in retaliation.
"I am the commander of this station," she snarled, "and it is my duty to ensure the protection of those under my charge; not to bend to the whims and uncontrollable need for revenge of an eighteen year old girl who can't even learn to full control her powers!"
Rusa's words had the desired effect; Iren gave an outrage shriek and charged at her recklessly.
She ducked low, swinging her leg out to sweep Iren's feet out from under her and knock her to the ground. Without missing a beat, Rusa was on her with a dagger to her throat that would have been fatal had this been a real fight.
Normally she wouldn't resort to such tactics and especially not with someone so young, but it was the only way to communicate the truth so that Iren would understand it.
"This is why I will not allow you to go on missions. Your temper and your incessant need for revenge only endanger those around you and I will not let it stand. You are old enough to find your place in this nation and you have the potential to be a truly great commander one day. I want to see it happen, but this bitter fury you have wrapped yourself in like a blanket will eventually smother you and be your downfall."
"I want answers Rusa!" Iren growled.
"I know you do; so do Scion and the others. I'm not telling you to not seek them; I'm telling you to recognize this path of self destruction you're on before it's too late. I have been where you stood, Iren. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did. So think about what is important to you."
Her comm went off just then, ringing with the tone she had set for command calls.
She climbed off of Iren and helped her to her feet before she answered it. "Commander Tawain speaking," she said.
Commander, you're needed in the command center immediately. We've found something we need you to see.
Rusa frowned. "Alright. I'll be right there."
She hung up then turned to look at Iren. "Have you gotten your temper under control?"
Iren's expression was a little sour as she nodded.
"Good. Follow me to the command center."
They left the training facilities and headed to the command center.
Located within the large bay teeming with activity, the command center was a large complex that floated above containing a series of offices and station controls, along with the control center they were headed to where every mission was tracked and main communications with space bound crews were constantly maintained.
As soon she entered, a slight hush fell over the room.
"Over here commander," her Lt. Commander Zaria Hathorne called, motioning for her to come over to the monitor she sat at.
Rusa did as such. "What's going on?"
Zaria gave a hesitant look towards Iren who, in poor teenage fashion, rolled her eyes as far back into her head as they could possibly go.
"She's fine. Now what's the problem?"
Zaria cleared her throat. "We've located a distress signal in the Nexys Star Strip We've been unable to establish contact with the source."
Rusa leaned in to take a closer look.
The Nexys Star Strip was one of their primary routes to and from the Cera Star Station. It would be her luck that there wasn't a single crew near by.
Even worse, the distress signal was coming from the part of the Star Strip closest to the station.
Rusa cursed. It could easily be a trap, set to lure any of her crew members out of hiding. Or better yet, herself.
But with it as close as it was to the station, anyone answering the distress signal could quite possibly discover the station.
"What do you want us to do commander?" Zaria asked.
"Contact the captains and crews of The Helia and Night Rage. We'll send them out for recon to see of they're friendly or not. And if they aren't, we blow them to hell and fortify our defenses. I want every crew set to come back within the next couple of days to be contacted and notified to delay their return here. Let's move it!"
"Alright, Commander." Zaria set to work obeying her instructions.
Rusa could feel the burn of Iren's gaze even before she turned to face her.
"You can tell Jace I said you're allowed on this mission. Go suit up."
Iren made am excited squeak before she could control herself. "Really?"
Rusa nodded. "And Iren?"
"Remember our conversation from earlier. You are to obey any and all commands given without hesitation. If Jace reports any problems, you will be officially grounded until further say. Am I clear?"
Iren nodded then, with another excited whoop, rushed from the command center.
"You sure it's a good idea to let her go?" Zaria asked.
"No, but she's old enough."
Rusa just hoped this wasn't a trap to lure Iren and her sister out.

Almost 2 hours later, The Helia and Night Rage were approaching the source of the distress signal.
"Doesn't look like much of a threat," Lehra commented as they all surveyed the ship that looked to barely be operable.
"That doesn't mean anything. It could still be a trick," Jace commented. He cast a sideways glance towards Iren, who sat in the seat next to his to the left.
She was practically on the edge of her seat. Dressed in a black battle suit with the Black Skull war paint decorating her face to keep her features concealed (as the rest of them did), she looked very much like a deadly Black Skull Nation pirate.
Damn, but it terrified him.
He just hoped this really was a simple search and rescue op for her sake.
"Let's see if they're communications are functioning," he muttered before he tried to hail them.

Re: Solar/Blue

The conn pinged. Kendrick shot awake, scrabbling for his coffee.

"We're being hailed." Fell said. He was trimming his nails.

Kendrick grumbled something unfriendly underneath his breath. "I noticed." He tapped the conn, opening the channel. The...static-filled channel. "Hello? Please repeat; I can't hear a damn thing you're saying." Little gods, please don't let the communications also be shot.

Re: Solar/Blue

Jace turned on video and sent the request over, before responding to the hail.
Their identities would be kept secret, but the gear they wore and the skull face paint would warn them that they were Black Skulls (the pirate nation they belong to. No idea if I mentioned it already or not) and it would most likely settle whether they were friend or foe.
"This is Sky Dagger (call sign), Captain of The Helia. We're responding to the distress signal. We're here to render assistance. Please respond."
They waited as patiently as they could for the response.
Iren was on the edge of her seat.

Re: Solar/Blue

Kendrick swore under his breath; that's the last thing they needed. They'd already managed to attract enough heat while they'd been trying to do some minor repairs, when one of Fell's old friends from the Yaxar military recognized him...and promptly alerted the authorities. That had, in turn, got all of them in the proverbial fire. Which had led to the current shape of the Fafnir.

In any case, he sighed; they were desperately in need of repairs, before anything else failed. Vampire or not, Kendrick still needed to breathe and he would not do well in hard vacuum. Before replying, he tapped a button on the conn--one that would alert the entire crew and direct them to the bridge. He'd rather they all be here in case of a fight, rather than scattered and unable to be contacted. He then replied to the message.

"This is the Fafnir. As you can see, we're in pretty nasty shape." Kendrick replied. Fell had, unsurprisingly, moved so he was out of the borders of the viewscreen; the man didn't like risking being seen. "Any assistance you can offer would be well appreciated."

Well, except for Pendulum. But then again, the android was always cranky about something.

Re: Solar/Blue

"Looks like they took on some nasty fire, drio," Lehra said, using her native Coridian to call Jace brother.
She stepped forward to survey the damage a bit more. His engineer, Lehra understood ships and machines better than most androids.
Beneath the face paint and pirate gear she had tan skin, hazel-green eyes, reddish copper colored hair and she stood just barely an inch shorter than him at en even 6 foot.
She was a hell of a fighter and he valued her as one of his crew members even though he knew she had high enough ranking to have her own ship and crew.
"Looks like you broke half your ship. What all repairs do you need?" Jace asked, keeping his tone friendly as he studied the strangers.
Despite the obvious damage to their ship, it was hard to know whether or not this was a trap.

(So I had an idea as far as vampires go in this universe. You don't have to change a single thing about your character or anything, not that I would ask you to, but, I decided I was going to have this race called Vamirians, which are essentially futuristic vampires but not quite. They have to intake a high iron count and before a supplement was created for that purpose, they drank blood and fed on humans. Most have telekinesis and other powers typically associated with vampires, minus the shapeshifting. What if vampires were an attempt to recreate their special abilities or something? And Dwaith Brakens could be behind it, or at least be behind Kendricks creation. It could be done to any creature at any point and they wouldn't necessarily remember yeah? I'm also thinking someone drops in on them and starts attacking. Either because of Kendricks crew or Jace's. Doesn't really matter, but they end up back at the Cera Starstation because of it)

Re: Solar/Blue

"We've got one severely damaged, barely operable engine and the other's been destroyed beyond repair. We're stuck on sublight, and even that's a stretch. The heat sinks are shot. As are our weapons systems and shields." Kendrick explained. "About all we've got working are life-support and our grapplers." Fell shot him a dirty look, and he flipped him off.

"Make that a failing life-support system." Pendulum spoke as he entered the room. "The damage to the conduits is finally getting ahead of my repairs. You guys are gonna want to get off this rustbucket ASAP."

(Oooh, I'm rather fond of that idea~. And you're right, it doesn't change anything with Kendrick ^^. And we get the Dwaith Brackens being involved angle.)

Re: Solar/Blue

Skye put them on mute so Kendrick and his crew couldn't hear their conversation. "We need to send a transport over for them if their life support is failing."
"Are you crazy?" Iren snapped, "what if this is a trap?"
Jace shot her a glare. "What your tone young lady," he warned sternly.
"She's not wrong," Tadeth spoke up.
His tech support and weapons expert, Tadeth Bradner stood even taller than Jace as 6'6. He hard dark hair and eyes that missed nothing. If he could fly worth a damn, he'd have been an amazing captain.
Jace was glad he couldn't because he made another valuable member of his team as kind of a jack of all trades.
"Yeah, but look at their ship. Kinda hard to fake that damage, yeah?" Lehra responded.
"They could be lying about the life support, though, and have a ship laying out of our radars waiting," Tadeth pointed out.
"Doesn't mean we can let them die," Skye insisted.
"Okay, so we rescue them. Then what? Take them back to the station?"
"We could drop them off at a nearby planet. The Nexus system isn't too far away from here," Lehra suggested.
Jace sighed, leaning back in his chair. "Alright. Let's get them, determine they're not a threat, and go from there. Lehra and Iren, I want you to travel on the transport to get them."
Iren looked completely shocked.
Jace gave her another stern look. "This is your chance to prove yourself. You behave so long as they do and we'll talk about letting you go on our next run...provided it isn't too dangerous. If they threaten you or Lehra in anyway, you're to fry them. No questions asked. Understood?"
He hated the idea of sending Iren off, but with her powers, it would make it easy to neutralize them if they really were a threat.
He turned the mute off. "We're sending a transport over to get you. But be warned, make any wrong moves and my people are authorized to shoot first and ask questions later. Understood?"


Re: Solar/Blue

Kendrick nodded. "I promise that none of my crew will harm your crew, and thank you for the assistance."

"Speak for yourself," Fell grumbled. Kendrick smacked him upside the head. "Ow!"

Kendrick put Jace and his crew on mute. "Play nice or I bite you." He turned the sound back on. "There are five of us, we should all be in the cockpit." As he spoke, right on cue Tiva entered. Complete with hoodie, cargo pants, and combat boots. And the buds in her ears....

Kendrick sighed. Raising a teenager was going to turn his blue hair gray one of these days....

(For future reference, this is roughly Tiva: ... ff30e6.jpg
One of these days I'm gonna actually draw her, at least a sketch XP)

Re: Solar/Blue

(Haha gotcha)

Lehra and Iren arrived on their ship in the transport.
In full Black Skull regalia the two women made for an intimidating sight. Dressed in black battle suits, they also wore blast helmets and had oxygen masks covering their face as to avoid sucking up more of the venting atmosphere.
The two of them met up with Kendrick and his crew at the helmets of the ship.
Iren kept her blaster put and ready to shoot while Lehra lowered hers and took the appearance of them in.
His was an even more ragtag crew than theirs was. Damn.
They were all men, well, one appeared to look like an android, except for a girl who didn't look to be much older than Scion.
"This everybody?" She asked, her voice distorted by the mask.
She glanced at Iren. "Lower your blaster, Fireshock. We don't need to add anymore accidental shootings to our records, now do we?" The last bit was said with a hint of amusement.
It was a joke but only because Iren never shot anyone on accident. Neither did she, actually.

Re: Solar/Blue

In the time it took Lehra and Iren to get to the Fafnir, Kendrick and his crew--except Pendulum, since he didn't need one, being an android--had donned exosuits, just in case the atmosphere decided to go cattywumpus randomly. So far though, they hadn't donned their helmets. Upon seeing the duo in their battle suits, Tiva moved closer to Fell, eyeing the newcomers.

"This is everyone." Kendrick said, nodding to his oddball crew. Something...meowed from inside Tiva's helmet. Kendrick and the other men looked.

A fluffy, feline head was peeping out from in Tiva's helmet. The Syri girl shrugged sheepishly. "Cats need air too?"

Kendrick just rolled his eyes and shook his head. Little gods, help me.

Re: Solar/Blue

Lehra actually let out a laugh at the sight of the kitten.
"She and Scion would get along well," she commented with an amused look.
Iren glared at her for the mention of her sister's name, not that they would even know who she was talking about.
Not to mention, Dwaith Brakens certainly didn't bother giving either of them, nor anyone else he experimented on, an actual name. Just a bunch of sequence numbers.
The numbers on the inside of her upper arm burned at the reminder and she grimaced.
"Can we get the fuck off this ship before it blows us all to hell?" she growled.
Lehra gave another laugh. "Yeah, good thing we have a big enough transport. Let's go humans, aliens, and robots."

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