Welcome to the new forum dedicated to events run by users. We felt there was need for a sub-forum as a lot of our users wish to create events and we need a good place for them to exist and a set of rules to coincide with the forum. So please take time to read this if you're planning on creating a user run event here on Roliana.


    If you want to start up a user run event, whether it be for a random made up event or a real life event that we don't cover (such as Thanksgiving or Bonfire Night, as examples) then you will need to bring your idea before a moderator with as much detail as you can muster. Things that we'd like you to include in your proposal would be what event you'll be covering, what prizes (if any) you intend to give out and the dates you would like for the event to run.

    Once we have received your request, the moderator team will take it for discussion and you will be informed within a week to if your event will be allowed to go ahead. So bear in mind that you'll need to put in your request at least a week ahead of when you intend to run the event.

    As the site has its own events during the year, we will judge each event on a case by case basis and also will not allow more than one user run event to be active at one time. This is to save on clutter and also to prevent too many threads active in this forum at one time, leading to confusion among events. RaiRai will be creating a calender to log the event dates that have been taken during the year, so try to plan around it if possible.

    Regardless of the decision, you will be sent a PM from RaiRai giving you an answer on if your event will be accepted and a reason for the decision. If your event idea gets accepted, you will be allowed to start making the threads straight away, but if they overlap a current event, please make sure no posting is allowed until your event begins.

    Once an event is over, please PM a moderator to lock your threads and then move any further discussion of said event to the Hangouts forum (one thread permitted per event) so that you can continue there and allow the next person in line to host their event.

    If you would like to request the aid of a pixel artist to create items for your event, you will need to contact a pixel artist. This is so that they can decide if they would like to assist with items for the event.

    I apologize for the long set of rules here, but it needed structure and I hope that these rules are detailed and clear enough. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. Thank you.


    Please follow this guideline as closely as possible when submitting a User Event concept to the staff:

[spoil]Things you should cover if you wish to create a user run event:

-- What the event is that you want to cover. (As detailed as possible, please.)
-- The dates of when this event will run to and from.
-- Prizes (if any) you plan to give out.
-- Special items: If you wish to have some freebies pixeled, you may ask our pixel artists for some help.