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Pandora's Realm



Díd yσu evєr wσndєr whαt rєαlly hαppєnєd
when Pαndσrα's Bσх wαs σpєned?

Hαvє yσu єvєr ímαgínєd whαt wαs ínsíde?
Wαs ít α pαrαdíse σr pure chασs?
I hαd the cσurαgє tσ єntєr the Rєαlm σf Pαndσrα
αnd I αm reαdy tσ tєll my tαlє.
Lístєn clσse, fσr the stσry yσu αre
αbσut tσ hєαr wíll chαngє єvєrчthíng.

Thє Rєαlm σf Pαndσrα ís rulєd by α pσwєrful Gσddєss
frσm wíthín hєr cαstlє wαlls.
Shє shαpєd the rєαlm tσ hєr wíll by hαrnessíng
the rαw єssєncє σf the 4 єlєmєnts
αnd frσm the bαrrєn plαíns αrσsє the
7 rєgíσns thαt mαkє up Pαndσrα.

Eαch rєgíσn ís tєєmíng wíth uníquє crєαturєs
born frσm fírє, wαtєr, єαrth or wínd.
Thє 4 rєαlms wíthín Pαndσrα αrє σvєrsєєn by
purє Elєmєntαl Guαrdíαns.
Its the combined efforts of these
8 Elєmєntαls thαt kєєps Pαndσrα sαfє αnd ín bαlαncє

If yσu αrє brαvє єnσugh tσ jσín mє,
tαkє my hαnd, wαtch yσur stєp,
αnd wєlcσmє tσ Pαndσrα's Rєαlm.

Re: Pandora's Realm



How rare is each species?
Each species is made based on a rarity system - the more stars one has, the rarer it is! The current rankings can be seen here:

Falcons - ★★
Hybrids - ★★★
Dragons - ★★★★

Are you going to make new species?
There will be future species you never know what kind of creatures lurk in Pandora's Realm!

Do you do customs?
I will randomly open customs and keep the slots open for a limited time - to be notified of any news, be sure to subscribe to the thread!

How much are customs?
It varies by species! Generally, the rarer a creature is, the higher the price to make one.
Falcons - TBD
Hybrids - TBD
Dragons- TBD
Not applicable at this time
The species I want doesn't have the body feature I need. Can you draw it on?
For a small additional fee I can add features to the bases. Again, the price will vary based on how large the addition is.

Small extra (additional eyes, horns, teeth, scars, etc) - +1,500,000
Medium extra (Scarves, additional limbs, etc) - +3,000,000
Large extras (wings, tails, etc) - +5,000,000

Re: Pandora's Realm



Falcons, & Hybrids were done by:
The Elemental Dragons were done by :
Map was done by:
Colorations & Edits are done by myself.
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