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Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I hate the color yellow so I rarely use it, even though there are some avis I have had that probably needed a bit of brightening up.

UGH NO. NO. NO. Not a huge fan of Paula Deen anyway. Her recipes are sooo heavy.

I didn't realize you got items from the haunted house until the last day and then I frantically tried to go through it. I was too late to get the pop from the tree though.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I did one on Roliana a few years back that was Yellow and Purple that I liked a lot, for using the two contrasting colors... but other than using it as an accent color, I have a hard time using it, though my first avi on Syndrone where I could dye my skin item... I actually had Neon Yellow skin, Lime Green/Pink and Blue color scheme. It was different.

ROFL! Some of them were good, but yes... VERY FATTENING all the time. Which was one of the reasons she eventually had to go on a health diet kick. XD I see. Sorry you missed out on it then. I like the old 2010 Rolipops but I haven't seen the new one? I saw the ones in the event store, but other than that I didn't see any other pop.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

That sounds... almost painfully bright haha! If you enjoyed it though that's all that matters. I feel like i would kind of go crazy with color combinations if I had a dying option too.

Plus, she's one of the "let's put bacon in everything" kind of cooks and I am a vegetarian so usually I have to change her recipes so much there's not much point in following them. lol

The ones in the shops were what you were getting, but apparently there was a special prize that you could only get from the tree. I'm not sure what it was though.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness


LOL, I'll see if I can find the image for it later on. I think I still have most of my Roliana avatars saved somewhere. ^_^ It was cute, but a bit bright if you're not into bright colors. The purple toned it down well though.

ROFL! I see. I'm no vegetarian, but I've never been big on bacon either, and don't know why it goes on everything. I'd much rather have something with a garlic flavor. XD

Yeah, I only saw those two pops in the shop and didn't bother trying to get either of them, as I didn't think they'd be something I'd use. I love my old Rolipop avi, but neither of them seemed very interesting IMO.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I'm sure I have mine saved on my photobucket, but it's such a mess on there anymore.

mmmm Garlic... If it weren't so late at night I would make myself some garlic toast.

Speaking of it being late at night, as much as I hate to say it I should probably go to bed in the next half hour or so. I have to be at work in the morning cuz I picked up an extra shift like an idiot.

They're cute for recolors, kind of something different than the ones we already had, but they're not something I saw myself ever using.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I only ever really had tinypic and imgur if I wasn't saving things on my deviantart account.

Haha! I have some in my freezer to eat with spahgetti this week. XD

Alright, I really need to get to bed too. I don't have much to do, but I do have things to get done tomorrow. Have a good night. I enjoyed chatting with you though. ^_^

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Am I the only person in my generation that didn't have a deviantart?

Hmm I have some crescent rolls in the fridge. I may coat them with garlic butter and roll a little bit of cheese up in them, then make the ravioli I have in the freezer for dinner tomorrow. MM thanks for the inspiration!

Nighty night! I'll see you another evening. This has been fun. It may have just been the two of us, but it almost felt like the old Roli again.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

LOL.... a lot of people didn't if they didn't do art. I tend to draw all the time though, and it was a good site to go to for art and inspiration and posting for reviews. XD

Haha... sounds like a good plan then.

I'm glad that it was fun for you as well. ^_^

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

I guess most of my friends were artists now that I think about it, so that it probably why they all had DA accounts haha!

Funnily enough I took a nap r when I got home from work and when I woke up my husband had done something really similar except he made alfredo instead of ravioli. XD Hive Mind!

It was fun and I am looking forward to doing it again sometime.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

So okay I did some math and apparently at 500 gold a day (which is my average between games and what little posting I actually get to do) it is only going to take me 1,949 days or 5.33 years to get to a million gold... man I really need to get more people to talk to on here or at least make longer posts.

Anyway, sorry for the double post (rules say I can do two in a row now, just now three) but jeeze, I needed to share that startling little discovery. I'll have to do some math to see just how long it would take it me if I could get 600-700 gold per day and start keeping track of exactly how much I am making.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Is this the most populated thread on Roliana in November?

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

@McCoy LOL... well, I think we carried it pretty far between the few of us chatting here, hopefully more people will join.

@mekatra Sorry I wasn't able to get on yesterday... my cousin was in town and we worked on decorations for her upcoming wedding. (which me and my mom are pretty much the ones in charge of doing) XD

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Haha, thanks. I tried on my phone, but we didn't have much service signal out at my aunt's house on the edge of town with my dinky pre-paid service data. ROFL!

I used to have unlimited data, but knocked my phone bill from $50+tx a month to $35+tx a month and only get 2GBs so posting on gaia/roliana and other sites isn't as doable as it used to be. XD

My cousin's wedding theme is a bit odd, IMO. Both her and her fiance are tennis players so the main color is tennis ball neon yellowish green,
with tennis balls as decor. █████████

We found a ribbon from one store that matches fairly well, and glass beads from another place for centerpieces.

Re: Meki's Millionaire Madness

Evocative Enigma wrote:
Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:45 pm
@McCoy LOL... well, I think we carried it pretty far between the few of us chatting here, hopefully more people will join.
This isn't 2008 though. Roliana is like my maternal grandmother; the loving person of my childhood, now with dementia and dying.
I just get to sit around and watch it die with 400k, too many stars, and millions of gold in items if the roliana economy existed. I could go list my Angel Wings in the MP (forum or site tool) for 1,000 gold and it could be a week before someone scooped on it.

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