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Re: We've Got Game

Trying to decide whether I should bust out something old, eg. like the suikoden series, I completed suikoden 5 three times but have never finished 4 or tactics. Or maybe FF7 on the ps1? That might be fun. Its still sealed and I just haven't had time to play it

I also have games running uncompleted right now, Digimon and Persona 5.

Or I can buy something new. I'm behind on the final fantasy's.

Basically I want a lengthly story by the sounds of things, PFFT

Re: We've Got Game


I don't play games that are on consoles but I play MMO games.
Does that count?


Re: We've Got Game


That is a bummer.
I have 3 on my computer though I do get some lag with it.
Though I think the less laggy one is Blade & Soul and sometimes Revelation Online.
I only really lag on TERA if I am in one of the super crowded towns called Velika.


Re: We've Got Game


I have a huge backlog on steam. Games are just too cheap on PC. I'm having to restrain myself from buying FFXII now that it's on PC due to my backlog. q.q

I loved that game back when it came out, though.


Re: We've Got Game

Can I update my form?
First made mine when I only just bought my playstation :joy:

User: Ivydoodle
Steam: SareDoodle
Playstation: IvyDoodle
Discord: IvyDoodle#5940
Multiplayer games: Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA (Playstation) Don't starve together (pc)
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