Would you want a avatar contest added?

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@Naenia Nightshade Well I have accepted the fact that the site has a lot of issues LOL. but I mostly stay for the people <3 and am terribly patient anyway hehehe sorry that you had such an experience though
Oh wow that's really lovely though <3 fresh ingredients you yourself planted
@Naenia Nightshade

I just won Rockabilly heartbreaker in an auction through Stylo and wanted to use it, but wanted to keep the fairy theme alive for the event. Haha
@M I M I
I managed to make a full set though, but that took way too long when not all currency was counted.
Yeah, that’s the best part of it, knowing what the content is in them :disappointed:

Ohh an auction? Does Stylo hold them often or was this a one time thing? owo
Hahaha look what you did, you got me to make a pretty fairy with the mule :P
@Electric Butterfly

Haha I see that! Pretty!

And it's something she's doing during the event; holding penny auctions with event currency. She's got an auction going for Vanity right now, I believe.
Well, I have berries leftover if you want them. Not enough for a full set, but enough for one item at least...Or, I bought a second full set if you're interested. Lol
@Naenia Nightshade Thank you! :3
Aww! Is there anything you feel like doing?
I just got done working on my avi, but I'm still feeling off about it xD Listening to music and thinking about getting some foods! c:
@Naenia Nightshade
Well, if you ever change your mind, you know how to find me. :P

Hi there!
@Naenia Nightshade

Yup, yup! You caught me! Lol

Those wings look like they come with a moth item? Don't we have a moth MI?
@Naenia Nightshade

Haha you got it! I'd have to look but I swear there was a moon moth MI or something like that. Will go check after this post and see if exists in the dream avatar simulator. Haha
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