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@SolarMoon: oh but if the herb sets comes out, we'll announce it. Don't worry :wink:

WOOHOO page 75! *dances*


Cool! Page 75. I missed some convo while I was distracted. Lol

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@freyate yes it’s insane. The storm has tapered off to just raining now but I’ve decided to call in sick nonetheless. It’s currently 6am which is the time I get up to go work. I intercepted my dad before he started getting ready to take me to work (and make breakfast) and told him I didn’t feel well, although my hidden excuse is that I don’t want him driving on small arterial roads which may or may not be plowed or salted. Safety first! My dad sacrifices enough, like his sleep, just to get me to work so I’m not sacrificing anymore. I told him to go back and sleep a little more.

Give me some spring please! ;3;

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@Chu* and @freyate

So I wasn’t sure whom to ask so I pinged you both. The forest is known as Modirfjord and the fair is known as the Ostara fair right? So what is the entire “world,” as in the one where all the npcs like Kenneth and Kasha and the like, is called? Roliana?

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@Hotarla: Aww, so kind of your dad. When my dad was alive he did a similar thing for me after he retired. He took me to the train station so I could go to school, or drove me to work when I was working. It was so kind of him. It gave him something to do and give him a reason to keep an eye on the clock and not just waste the time away doing whatever.

Totally get your "not wanting to drive in the snow/ice". It's so dangerous. EVEN if they salted the roads. Sometimes they didn't salt enough or it's so cold that the melted ice, freezes up again on different spots.

I refuse to drive in the snow too. Prefer to avoid it, if I can.

Also about your NPC/the world question...I'm going to tag @Francis and @Ellis here. They're better at this whole NPC lore thing.

The forest is known as Modirfjord and the fair is known as the Ostara fair right? So what is the entire “world,” as in the one where all the npcs like Kenneth and Kasha and the like, is called? Roliana?

^ the question.

The part I can answer: "Ostara" just means 'spring'. It's a (neo)pagan festival. It's also known as the March equinox. Although we let it happen on April. But that's due to circumstances.

I originally wanted to combine Easter + a spring event.

FYI : it's the Old High German for "Easter", cognate to Anglo-Saxon Ēostre. Ēostre is a Germanic goddess who, by way of the Germanic month bearing her name, is the namesake of the festival of Easter in some languages.

Since I'm a (neo)pagan/Wiccan and our event needed a name, I felt drawn to that name/title. And it seemed perfect for our original intend. The other staff added Modirfjord and Fair XD


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@freyate yeah i didn’t want him driving me to work in this weather especially since I know that he’ll have to drive through some smaller roads. At least, when he goes to work, he’s going only major routes which are more likely to get plowed and salted. So it’s a sick day for me but really it’s just me lounging in bed lol.

Ooooh so lol you don’t know what the world is called? XD well poooh. At least we know that Tiana (that’s donation faery’s name right) lives in the forest of Modirfjord. The town or city where most of the other inhabitants live, I still don’t know the name. And don’t Marea and Glacialis, as well as a few other characters, come from different areas as well? XD;; I’d like to know these too, if possible @Francis and @Ellis lol.

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@Hotarla: (loving the fact we're switching between two different topics in talking to each other. Yay for double event currency rewards :laughing: )

Meh, taking a sicky is fine by me. It helps you recharge. I'm betting lots of people calling in sick today over at your place.

I always thought it was called Roliana, but honestly I'm not sure anymore. Donation Faerie = Tiana, indeed.

Honestly I should work on a decent storyline of all this. So we can have some "world" traveling. Even if it's just a web of page to page with some story. Atleast that will cover the "world" until there is more of a fancy world to have been created by yours truly.

It's hard to not get a god-complex then though. MWHUAHAHAHA :smiling_imp: I AM THE GODDESS!! I CAN CREATE WORLDS AND DESTROY THEM WITH A SIMPLE KEYSTROKE!!! MWHUAHAHAHA //cough cough//


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Aww @Stylo. I only -just- set back the double currency rates too.


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@freyate nithing wrong with having two different conversations with the same person! //laughs

probablyyyy. I hope so anyway. XD just as long as I don’t have to provide a note. Like how can I do that when I’m faking a headache and stomachache? XD;; those things don’t last too long but will still give you pain for awhile when they’re around lol.

I honestly thought it was Roliana too but I’m also now not too sure lol. We used to have a world page right? Like one that kinda gave a bit of history into the world of Roliana? XD;;

ROFLMAOOO. CAN YOU SHARE SOME OF THAT GODHOOD!?? I’d like some too lol! And I wouldn’t mind fleshing out the world of roliana myself lol. I only know bits and pieces from like old events and the like.
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