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Yeah, I know. I have just been feeling really off the past few weeks and have been in a fairly dark place lately,another reason I decided to deactivate my facebook at least for a few weeks. I'm hoping the inability to waste lots of time scrolling through my newsfeed will help to lead to more productivity in other areas.

Which, it actually helped a bit today. I wrote in some of my Alice in Wonderland story Unbalanced. Not too much, but definitely better than not working on it at all.

Eek, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon. :(

Yes! And I made more progress yesterday, too! I also uploaded my Unbalanced files to one of my google drive accounts so I can work on it through my phone in an actual document instead of just my memo pad and work on it while I'm in TN visiting my mom this weekend since I won't be bringing my laptop with me.

Re: ✏ ʇnoƃuɐH sɹǝʇᴉɹM ɐuɐᴉloᴚ ✏



lool indeed...xD:; on top of that, my mom is also sick so its like...two sick people in the house lol. she's been sick for about 3 weeks. dizzy, nausea, muscle aches and pains and cramps...D: on her birthday, she went to the hospital and got an iv....:/ so yeahhh...

Hey everyone! Sorry for vanishing again. I went to Tennessee to visit my mom and step dad and they live deep in Amish territory so I didn't have great connection on my phone and didn't want to fool with it too much.

I'm home now. Had a good vacation there but now I have pinkeye, fuck my life.

At least I got a decent amount of writing done. XD
It looks worse than it feels, honestly. It's like having a cold where you don't actually feel bad, but you have all the symptoms so it's more annoying than anything.
You also have to be extremely careful about keeping your hands clean, not touching your face, and being careful about what you touch to try to not spread it. I'm gonna clean everything here shortly with the bleach cleaner that I have.

My eye looks way better to day, though. Still a little swollen and red, but it's gone down about half the size it was yesterday. It almost feels normal. So I should be mostly back to normal tomorrow.

So yeah.

But anyways. I wrote over 1,200 words yesterday and if I keep it up today I might even finish chapter 5 of Unbalanced. We'll see. :)

Re: ✏ ʇnoƃuɐH sɹǝʇᴉɹM ɐuɐᴉloᴚ ✏


when i was out of work, i had the most messed up sleep schedule lol. however, once i got a job again, its up at six am to get to work for seven, then trying to sleep before midnight...XD of course, its a different story for fridays and weekends, i sleep in terribly on those days and stay up all night...XD

My sleep schedule is pretty steady because I work nights and I try to maintain that same sleep schedule on the weekend, instead of constantly trying to reverse it, but my sleep schedule is off because I'm on vacation right now. Lol
My sleep schedule is so screwy it's pathetic, but it's also my own damn fault X'D. Late at night after work is about the only time I've got time to myself to do anything, and I've only just now been able to get LOTRO re-downloaded and working on my laptop again, sooo running about in Middle-Earth has been cutting into the sleep time, ehe ^^;
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