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Buying Art in most forms!


I’m looking to buy some art, if you would be interested then I want to see examples of the kind of art you would like to make.

I’m mainly wanting art of Gaiaonline avatars, so if you’re not familiar of the items on there... well you can try make them anyway but I’m not going provide single item previews- simply for the reason that some of my avatars are cluttered xD

Anyway! I’m willing to pay with gold as of now, or maybe with ages old event items since I seem to be flooded with those on my other account.

I will be adding images of the avatars I want made in the second post, just to keep it neat. Since this thread will be staying up for quite some time, I’m always looking after art.

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


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Hi there, Naenia! ^^

Your 1st and 6th Gaian avatars really caught my eye, and I would love to draw them for you!

I can offer fullbody colored sketches w/ or w/o backgrounds.
Examples here: [x]

Not sure how much to ask for, and I'm totally willing to accept a mix of gold and old EIs too (if I don't have them already).

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Re: Buying Art in most forms!

*squeeee* Thank you for posting in here, I started to give up hope on getting some pretty art!

I would love to buy art from you and of them both if you would want to make two. Then if you feel like making a background for one or both then I wouldn’t say no to that either :D

Which event items are you missing, do you know that? I can always check if I have them :)

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


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@Naenia Nightshade

Hullo!! ^^ I'm glad I can be of service, hehe! The art forums really seem to have slowed down a ton in recent years ;-;

Awesome!! I'm not the spiffiest at backgrounds, so maybe something on the simpler side would be ok? :-3 Like a chair/part of a wall for the first one for example. But I'll let you know how it goes!

Hmmmm actually hard for me to say ;-; I'd have to look at the item guide and figure out which ones I'm missing still, I'm lucky and was able to buy some I'd been missing for years recently ^^ I'll get back to you on that!

And sorry for my delayed response! I had a really busy weekend.

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Re: Buying Art in most forms!

Yeah I have noticed that this part of the site I sent rather slow, but then again the marketplace are slow too ^^’

That would work just fine, so no worries! I don’t have so many art pieces with a background so I would be happy getting even just a simpler one.

So there exist a item guide? I have been searching after one but without being able to find it... I must be blind xD

Pffft delayed response you say? It took me five days before I noticed your post, I never got a ping about it ;.;

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


⋆ -~`✧ + '' -✦ '✧ ~`✵ - -✧ yes that was a banana ☽

@Naenia Nightshade

Bwaaah and there I go poofing from Roli again ;; now THIS time my response is def super late hahah. I'm sorry about that! ;-;

Yeah, the forums all seem to be inching along. I want it to be like the old days again ;n;

That sounds great!! Thank you for being so understanding :-3

I had one bookmarked and for some reason assumed it was still actively being updated... it was not LOL :sob:

And sorry again for my late response! ;;

When I'm able to finish your pieces (or parts of them, for previews maybe?) I'll post here again, is that ok with you? :-3

☾ nobody expects the banana ✧- - ✵`~ ✧' ✦- '' + ✧`~- ⋆

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

Muahahahahaha we are both horrible at this xD
But to my defense... I have been online daily but on another account, so obviously I wouldn’t get this ping of yours... I’m not very smart here *whistles*

Did you miss out on the event then? ;.;

Yeah I guess it takes time to make item guides on here, considering all of the items that exists. Gosh all those image uploads x.x

Yay, I can’t wait to see it/them! *jumps up and down*

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

I’m still buying art (always doing that in fact xD)
And I absolutely love your art style! owo

Would you want to do any of the above avatars? Or maybe even this current avatar of mine? I just made it after a lot of work and I totally love how it turned out ;.;

Oh and yeah, better tell it now... I’m Naenia, just on another account... but still me :P

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


@Naenia Nightshade

WHEW Sorry again for poofing, I had a huge piece to finish for a Zine and I finally finished it yesterday ;;-;; It took a million hours and my hand was dying, but now I'm finally free to draw the art for you!!

I should have said something about it earlier as a heads-up, but I seriously underestimated the amount of time it took... Sorry about that!! ;w;

Hahah ^^ and worries on missing the @ ping! I think it's a really easy thing to overlook.

I did miss out on a huge chunk of the event, it's true... ;-; I wish I could have gotten all of the items, but alas my lack of posting bit me in the butt yet again! lolol

It really does, doesn't it ;-; I couldn't even imagine doing all of that, esp without compensation, just for funsies lol.

Wooo!! And I can't wait to finish! Got the sketches so far hehe ^^

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

Considering the time of year that’s quite expected, at least here I live so have we had record warm days and let’s be honest... someone who love the warmth (me) wouldn’t possible stay indoors and be online on sites xD

So it’s completely alright for poofing- at least for me.

And when I look in the threads I usually post in... no one else seems to have been here much either now. So... yeah ^^’

But I check this site sometimes so won’t miss out on the important stuff, like art orders <3

I can’t for my life do any kind of art, but I can imagine all the time spent on making them. There’s no reason to stress with art, better do it correct from start *nods*

Which items are you missing? I can always look if I have got any extras :)

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


@Electric Butterfly

You right ;w; It really is super nice outside this time of year. It's been a lot cooler than expected (though I do prefer that -- death to humidity x_x)

Thank you again for understanding. And I agree with you!

Yeah... I definitely feel that way too, and I don't even post much ;-; It's sad logging in, trying to browse some forums, and seeing the MP forum having only ~3 active threads total...

Heheh ^^ Yeah! I'm really on just to see what's up, what new items might be released, and to try to get my lazy butt to do more art ;;

Since there's no item guide, it's so hard to figure out which EIs I'm missing ;-; But in terms of MIs... Eeek, for a "collector", I sure am missing dozens and dozens haha. I could take a screenshot of the stuff in the Ancient Temple just to give an idea of what I'm missing, if that works for you? ;w;

Also I hate to be a bother, but atm I'm working on the art of the 1st Gaian avvie for you, and I'm not sure what her pants/belt area looks like (without her knee up). Would you happen to know if there's another pose for that item that shows what it looks like? ;w;

Thank you so much in advance!! I hope these pieces come out to your liking.

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

I believe it’s been super hot and with just a tiny bit rain these past four to five weeks. Not that I’m complaining since I love the summer, but... we really need rain. The grass is all yellow, the flowers are dying and some bushes/trees have started to drop their berries/fruit.
And because of that we are not allowed to start fires of any kind nor use the water we drink for plants outside.

The weather are keeping me away, so haven’t posted at all- except if seeing answers in this thread.

That would be very helpful if you did! But watch me not having them, the current items listed in the ancient temple are ones I either don’t have or only have one of... I’m so poor item wise xD (no not THAT poor, but... I want duplicates of so much here and there are no sellers)

There is no other pose for that particular item and even if there was it wouldn’t help anything. Because that pose unequips the shorts I want to use with, so to be frank... she have nothing on and that’s so extremely annoying xD
But yeah, plain black hotpants are what I wanted her to wear, while the belt I think have those lime green chains on one side and a small skull in the middle- like on her cap. But if you want so can I get a pose where you can see the whole belt :)
(ohh gosh, I remember now why I wanted to hide that belt, that lime green skull looks SO ugly... you are welcome to make it white instead x.x)

Edit: And why I didn’t add the hotpants now when I could is strange... I can do that too if you want? But it’s nothing fancy
Her belt

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

Hi! I can draw you if you want! If you are interested let me know and I will send you samples. I can't wait to make more gold on this site!!!! :D yaaaaaay lol

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