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It's okay. You're not the only one. So far, I like it, though I didn't quite expect a battle like this to take place right off the bat. Lol
It's fine! I was trying really hard to stay away from Lianna going full blown Titan, but I think it's time to give them a break.
Spinel can come out to play later...or right now?
No kidding! But it's okay. Coda will be coming soon with pizza, alcohol, and Mario. LMAO
Oh, this is about to be great.. LMAO
I gathered. I love Grim. She can be quite a character. Haha
Ah man, I hate when that happens. My face is rarely completely clear but when my fave breaks breaks out. Usually because I can't stop picking at it. Ugh. :(

Also, pretty avatar! Looks like a lot of people are going for pastel color schemes Now! *did the exact opposite with her latest avatar*
Haha, I wanted to do something different and this is basically what I ended up with. I like it.

I like your avatar, too! Looks awesome!

Wish I had Neon Glow so I could do my rave avatar I have saved but oh well.
I'm sure it will, but will be MEGA expensive. Eek! Lol
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