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Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!

Good way to change the "what to draw" problem is look up drawing prompts on the Internet X"D.

There's actually a phone app that's literally called "What To Draw". Just put in a general theme (sci-fi, fantasy, modern, horror, etc) or set it to completely random, and it spits out a prompt. There's another similar app for writing, too.

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


Those never help me tbh.
mostly because the only reason i don't know what to draw
is mostly because I don't know what can I draw.
and i have too many ideas.


Well, the only way to find out if you CAN draw one of your ideas is to just try to draw it? If it ends up not working out then you can add it to the list on what you want to improve on?
I dunno, my suggestions probably aren't helpful, but you seem very passionate about your art so try to keep your chin up and keep moving along. And also try to not stress yourself out too much about it, either. I've had to learn to GIVE myself permission to be okay about not writing much at the time. I have to get in control of my mental health and have given myself permission to not worry about writing until I have it under control.
Just you remember you can do the same if it gets to be too much. Also, you can't get better if you don't practice stuff so try not to take it too hard if things don't turn out the way you want them to. :heart:

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


I sorta have an idea of what I do want to draw.
So i'll probably start on it. I have been sleeping a lot as i am fixing my schedule.
and sometimes my anxiety plays with my head so then i can't make up my mind lmao.

Past week i have been "I'm gonna draw"
but never do it.

But i have decided I would get back into making pixel dolls because
I use to be part of a community. A non-avatar site but it was an art site just for people who
made pixel dolls. and i recently joined the discord and I feel it will help a lot.

Yeah, I tend to feel guilty or angry whenever I DON'T draw.
I hate that i feel that way. bu i stress that i won't improve at the snail's pace i am going.
But i know slow and steady wins the race. XD


Hey, any progress is progress. Some people progress faster than others. It's okay to be one of the ones who don't progress very fast so long as you keep at it. :)

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


Yeah true i just hate how sometimes i am so unmotivated.

Trust me, I get it. It can be an extremely frustrating thing. I typically feel motivation for something when I can't actually do anything about it and it becomes an endless cycle.
It isn't fun. Bleh. :(
Ah, I've seen that! You're gonna have to let me know how it is because my boyfriend wants to play and I kinda do too. :D

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


I'm starting to do some pixel dolls.
It's coming out pretty well.



That's awesome!

Also, have you by any chance put any thought towards the rp we started talking about? If not, it's fine. I just wanted to check in since we haven't talked about it in a bit. :)

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!

{Blue-Eyed}Dragonfly wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:23 pm
Ah, I've seen that! You're gonna have to let me know how it is because my boyfriend wants to play and I kinda do too. :D
It's entertaining, I can assure ^^.
Also, annoying update on the playthrough; my mic was annoying. Which means that I need to redo allll the video I'd recorded DX
Not gonna be hard to do at least ^^.
My boyfriend is a little less excited about it since he found some negative reviews on it, but he's weird like that. Anything with a negative review he suddenly doesn't care about anymore. Lol

Re: The Coffee House|Now Opened!


I'll have to re-read things over to see if I am really interested in it.
It might be too much for a smoll brain to really grasp. XD

Also here is the current WIP i am working on.

Base does not belong to me.


I'm sure you'd do fine, but I understand if you're no longer interested. We never really did have any deep discussion on a plot or anything. Just some character stuff from my end and basic, broad details.

Also, super cute! :D
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