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Welp, I can tell you're angry. XD
Well, I for one, think your mom is being an asshole.
Sorry to hear that Solar. D: Sounds like you're in a tough place. D: Hope you'll figure it out somehow.

Something else, is anyone selling some popsicles? I'm trying to gather some last-minute items and the buying forum is stuffed with crickets only... :see_no_evil:
Thank you guys! <3<3 I got a skirt, I didn't even think I could get that.

Does anyone know 'till when the event store will be available? Going to search for a few more popsicles, otherwise I want to quickly buy another item before the store closes up... (Usually I have a very, very bad timing)

I believe believe till the 20th. I'm not 100% sure, but it should have the day in the Sundaes Gun Days End announcement I believe.
I'm alright. Just woke up not too long ago. How about yourself?

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

I'm doing great, someone donated the Popsicles I needed so I got my skirt. Not the best outfit I gotta find something lighter green for my feet area but otherwise I like it. =)
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