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When Cloud had an allergic reaction to our flea outbreak, I had to take him to the vet twice. The first time was to get him checked out and get him on antibiotics. I was originally gonna have him get a shot that was supposed to stay in his system for about 2 weeks, but they ended up not having those in stock so I got a week's worth of pills for him. The 2nd time was to take him back for the shot or to get more pills.
Poor thing was so done that he literally crawled straight back into the carrier after the vet was through giving him the shot.
Yeah, poor babies, they have no idea it's for their own good. Lol


Aw man, I dread whenever I have to take either of mine to the vet again cause they both handle it REALLY badly :sob:
They both scare really easily so shoving them in a carrier and then taking them on a car ride AND THEN bringing them into a strange place with strange people is pretty much their idea of hell. (I only bring one at a time though, don't worry)

Also it usually takes a day or two for them to trust me again afterwards :sweat_smile: My poor babies....

Luckily they're both healthy cats so vet trips are rare.
Yeah that was the first time I'd taken cloud to the vet since he got fixed and declawed.
I might have waited a little longer than I should have to see if his infection went away on it's own. I was just hoping it wasn't serious but after a couple of weeks it didn't get any better (or worse) so I took him
Poor thing. I feel bad about it too.
I need to get Jaden all his shots (he's 2 years old...oops) and get him fixed.
I'm so bad. Seek.:(
#13418110 long as it gets done? :sweat_smile:

Once her stitches were out Hela just grumped it up in the back of the cat carrier pfft. Had to drag her out again for the vet to put the flea medicine on her. And then she had to stay in the carrier so it wouldn't get groomed off, since the girls like to groom each other ^^.

Funny little discovery, though; both cats seem to like sleeping in the carrier :laughing:. When we opened up the carrier after we brought Hela home, she just snoozed in there for a while before finally wandering out. And then Minerva went inside and took a nap too :laughing:.

Apparently, our kitty carrier is a little kitty bedroom, pffft!


YA GOAT RETURNS :goat: Sorry guys, I'm bad at keeping up with this :scream_cat:

So on a somewhat cat related note: I bought a new headboard for my bed yesterday. It looks REALLY great but anyway, after I bought it you know how sites show you other stuff you might like right?

Well this site goes "Hey Goat. Hey Goat. You wanna buy some CAT TREES?! :smiley: "

My cats have TWO cat trees. They do not NEED more even if they love them very much.

Did I spend the next 20 mins looking at cat trees anyway? Of course I did. But THEY DON'T NEED THEM THEY HAVE TWO I'M NOT GIVING IN :sob:
Don't do it! Don't give in! LOL :joy:

Well I love it. I'm all about the gothic avatar aesthetic. :heart_eyes: heart
And now I've seen 2 avatars using the sugar skull makeup so now I want to. LMAO

Why thank you. I won the Chesh reborn in a contest and I wanted to make sure I made an avatar with it. I may tweak it later on over the weekend as I feel like she's missing some finer little details, but I at least got her to where I like her.
Now just to figure out a decent avatar with the kitten sundae and neo rolipop. Lmao
Yeah, my style has changed over the years, but I still lean more towards darker/punkish themed avatars. Or badass warrior ones. I remember when I first joined Roli I HATED the feet on the avatars so I stuck with long dresses and skirts to hide them. Haha
Yeah I have tried for some variance in my avatar styles lately. But I love wings regardless, which is why most of my avatars have them. I have a WIDE range of wings in my inventory. Lol


...... I mean we all have seen TRUE GOAT FASHION so I don't think I need to elaborate there. I do match more nowadays than I used to (most of the time) :goat:

This one just came about cause I really wanted to use the Anput hair :gem: And then realized I hadn't used Sugar Skull makeup in awhile while I was trying to pick a good face so here we are :kissing_cat:

Also I'm really glad I don't work tomorrow cause I'm definitely up later than normal today. My new headboard came this afternoon so I've been setting that up and cleaning and rearranging stuff. And more to do tomorrow weeee :dizzy:
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