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I haven't worked on this much art in a long time.
So it makes me really happy and I am very proud of the two pieces I have produced.
I am going to work on really shading/coloring them.

Here is lineart for both pieces.
[x] | [x]
and here are the flats of those pieces.

[x] |[x]


Aaawwww! They're both so cute! I love the girl with 3 eyes! :D

I honestly love the girl with 3 eyes too.
I am making her into a bat girl. which is why she has a bat on her shirt.

It's honestly one of the first pieces i've done that i've actually LOVED and
now appreciate my art and how i've grown. even if it's a little.
I am proud of her.


I'm glad! You should be! You're very talented! :)

Watch out, Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness...

I'm done lurking... for the moment :eyes:
I'm surprised we can still post in here :o

...Pull your little arrows out
and let me live my life
♥ ♫ ♥

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