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I hope she gets fine darn hard too!
Guess you are at a better place now?
For us think our roof is leaking but not 100% but we'll get it done this year I think, think the previous owner didn't touch the roof for a while. Best thing of owning a house is we don't need to ask it to be fixed, as long we got the money we can do it when we want.

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Hi everyone! I'm a budding gardener trying to grow some veg from seeds this year, currently all sat in propagators waiting for me to put my raised beds together. They're doing surprisingly well - I usually have a deathly touch!
The weather can be a bit unpredictable, ranging from occasional bursts of snow to some quite hot bursts.
I like tropical plants and fruits especially but I don't know what will grow here in the UK.
Let me know all your best tips and tricks please! How all of your plant-related exploits coming along?

Re: [bot-n-ee]

Summer came to a very sudden and cold stop here this week... and we've been neglecting our garden completely. WHOOPS. Need to plant more stuff that grows without us helping it :sweat_smile:

Our indoor plants survived at least and we've even got a foster plant while a friend is doing a semester abroad. Also I keep growing spider plants for the office I work at :grimacing:

Instead of growing our own, I've now subscribed to a vegetable delivery service that offers fresh, regional produce at a reasonable price :heart_eyes:
It's quite fun to get food and then have to figure out what to make with it, especially things we'd never have bought ourselves. Might even try to grow some of those next year... Maybe.

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Weeeell, our gardening hasn't been exactly fruitful this year, so idk. But there's definitely some veggies we never tried growing cause we thought we wouldn't like them... turns out, we do like them :D

Re: [bot-n-ee]

Maybe, maybe, possibly yea.... we tried replanting things that worked well for us last year and they didn't grow at all, so maybe it'd be better for the soil if we mix it up more, idk...

Uff, I gotta remember to move the more fickle plants inside soon!

Also I totally forgot to do the Page 10 art for @littleblack I think???
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