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Yea I think once Beta is over at the end of the month, they'll close for a few months and then when they come back it ~should~ be open for all to join??
And everyones Beta progress will be reset so Beta people only have an advantage in that they know their way around the site better and like handful of items they got during Beta that will be kept.

So far I'm a bit on the fence about the site, lol. Like, the art is obviously gorgeous? but all items are gained through Gacha systems? Or via user trading, which they have a very functional marketplace for at least.
I feel like there's a lack of common items at the moment, but that might well change?
The RPG elements are charming at first and turn grindy as hell real quick? :(
And I don't know a whole lot about pet sites, but incubating feels really slow and there doesn't seem to be that much interaction with the pets? Is that normal? :joy:

I'll definitely look at it at the proper launch though.
I know on Subeta (gah I need to stop abandoning there) you need to feed and play with your pets to keep them happy, unless you leave them in a kennel all the time >_>. There's a sort of combat system there too where you can train your pets for battle, buuut...I've never managed to get the hang of it ^^;

Speaking of site launches, Avaricia is going to be closing down and re-launching as Avalyss here sometime this year, and I'm planning on hanging around through the reboot if I can lol
What sites are still active or are other people regulars on? I feel like I'm so out of the loop with avatar sites now because it's been a fair few years since I've been active anywhere and the ones I was on seem to have gone?
You'll have to call me bias.
I work at so I do love it there.
Though, I appreciate Roliana has more things for lurkers to thrive here.
Such as the games, and bank concept...and marketplace. Voltra is quite active
but without more developers we are definitely short on features. I think a lack of
Developers seems to be the struggle of most avi sites in general. Tons of artists willing
To volunteer time but developers willing to help build a project without charging high (which isn't a bad thing! People gotta live) is few and far between. I love that Voltra does have an active community though, and our events
are really solid. (I think that's our pride and joy right now is the involvement and intensity in events. >.<)
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