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Oh man, 6 days is harsh :weary: Hope you at least got some good overtime for that. (If so, don't do like me and spend all the extra money shopping. I am not good at saving money :cry: )

Ooohhh hairbands are good too :goat: Don't wear them myself cause I have bangs and it just looks weird on me.
Do you wear fancy ones? Or just like the classy solid color ones? :open_mouth: Also do you have colors to match EVERY OUTFIT because that is just cool :sparkles:


hope so too lol. if my check isn't at least 650 i'm gonna be mad. ... 1_1280.jpg i couldn't find pics of the felt ones i did (other than the tricorner hat) but i do some in felt that i stuff

the tenticle hat i did for a friend's costume. lol it was a pain but i really like the way it came out.

edit: the two with the form looking ones are doll hats i added ribbon and stuff to. i upcycle a lot and 80% of the trims i use have come from other things.


Ahhh I forgot to reply to this earlier my bad. I've been out shopping all day (although no, I didn't buy any hats. This time. So many good WITCH HATS though).

But those are VERY GOOD HATS. I like the orange one and the black one with the blue ribbon :sparkle:

Side note, if this topic is still going when Halloween hits you guys will get to see a pic of me in my WITCH HAT. Yes I do already have one. I do still want more though. Then I can be the ULTIMATE GOAT WITCH. :goat:


lol it's okay. i'm back to work. the orange one is a sample cup and tissue paper<3 and the other one is one of those doll hats with ribbon i found on clearence for $0.29. i wish i had more of it.




mini hats are the best


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