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Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


The old MI's are the bomb. They're so freaking beautiful I can't take my eyes off em. :tired_face:

Hey there Stylo, good morning!

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Morning everyone!

And yeah. Now you have a chance to get them. :)

Ugh....I just had to fight to give my cat his antibiotic dose. I have no idea how the vet made it look so easy. I swear. But I finally got it in him. Poor guy. :grimacing:

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


Lets bring this thread up again. Sorry for ghosting lol. I totally forgot about my account here. So first three posters will have a free pixel art from me! Congratulations! You can drop your refs here. @Stylo

I hope you guys are still hanging around here through. Yay! I'll check out this thread often, I promise.

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Ooh, this looks neat! I think I'll drop a lil ref for a couple of my gals here~

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


Haluu there! Thanks for posting your ref! I'll do it ASAP. <3
I just woke up. I've been plying Minecraft the whole night my head started to hurt.

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Thank chu!

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