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Gifting Gold Coin

Since it's been so long since I've been on here I forget entirely how to gift gold coin to another user. Please help. Many thanks =)

Re: Gifting Gold Coin

` B̷̵̷e̵̴̵h̛̕i̛҉̀͢͟n͠͏̧̢̀d̸́͘͠͝ ̵̧̨̢y̡͏̵̵ó̷̡͢͝ư̷̶̕͠.̷̴̨̡.͏̡

To donate gold to another person..
1. Under the top menu click "World" a dropdown menu will open
2. Click "Trades"
3. Type in the person's username exactly (or copy paste for speed)
A trade will open up with said person. To check it's the correct individual you could click their username (Top right corner of the trade window) to see if their profile shows up.
4. Click the 0 next to the Gold pixel icon to edit the amount.
5. Click "Donate Items"
After entering your password to confirm the trade the gold will automatically be transferred to the person you started the "trade" with.

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

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Re: Gifting Gold Coin

` B̷̵̷e̵̴̵h̛̕i̛҉̀͢͟n͠͏̧̢̀d̸́͘͠͝ ̵̧̨̢y̡͏̵̵ó̷̡͢͝ư̷̶̕͠.̷̴̨̡.͏̡

Locking thread since the question has been answered! ^ _ ^
(Forgot to do this lol.)

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

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