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A Christmas Present

Hi guys.

It's been another year, and, well, Roliana has been a little quiet lately. Between our artists and developers having silly adult responsibilities like jobs and stuff, and our userbase suffering much the same, we haven't been too great about getting updates out.

Just to let you know that we're still here and (kinda) alive, we've created a unique new item for this holiday season. Available at the event shop for free, it's a snowman creator item. Design your own snowman by placing the poses literally anywhere on your avatar, and create something unique to celebrate these wintery months.

We apologize for ghosting you guys as of late, and hope that with 2019 you'll all stick around to see what we have in store for you all!
:snowman: :snowflake:

Re: A Christmas Present



thank you! this is very exciting because this means we could have more options for decorating our avatars in the future!


Re: A Christmas Present

Hey! For what time can we claim this? I'm trying on my phone, bit there's a large decoration frame jn the way, no way to claim it. Insert sad face...

Re: A Christmas Present

It should appear the same as any shop item, I'll take a look. Until then, try using a desktop since I was a little too dumb to optimize for mobile haha

Re: A Christmas Present


I love the idea for building my own snowman and using it. :o I'm going to be playing around with it for awhile. There's so much potential here. Thanks for the gift!

Re: A Christmas Present


Oh wow, thank you!! What a cute item! :snowman:

Happy Holidays to all! :snowflake:

Even if it may be rather slow, I know many of us still love and cherish Roliana dearly :heart: :heart:

Re: A Christmas Present

My panda is no longer lonely hahaha lonely hahaha

Re: A Christmas Present


Snowman said . .

This is the best Roli present I've ever gotten.


Re: A Christmas Present



Thank you for the present!

Happy holidays to everyone!


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