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Has anyone ever had issues with grieving; especially loss of loved ones?
I'm grieving a tragedy in my life right now yet I feel I'm not actually actively grieving. ... ell-county ... 1650524126 ... -622762891 ... ell-county ... d-in-water

Re: Grief

My grandmother died when I was pregnant with my son. She never got to see him. My grandfather passed away, I was taking care of him in his home and he die in his sleep. That was almost two years ago now.

Most recently, I'll look for the news article but my uncle died.
It was raining in Georgia and he saw a tree in the middle of the road with a man trying to move it alone. He got out of his car to help, pulling over his semi truck to the side.
They moved the tree barely enough for one lane to be open. The opposite one.
Someone drove up, and decided instead of stopping behind and waiting or helping to switch lanes and drive past. My uncle was hit, and died. He was brought to the hospital and was able to say goodbye to my Aunt.
But it was a really hard blow for sure.

It happened on her birthday. A week before their anniversary where they were going to renew their vows. Uncle David was a nice man, a artist and would give the shirt off his back to anyone. They printed a news article on it. The man that hit him actually did stop and called for help. But he is facing manslaughter charges. It was a accident but he illegally tried to drive in the opposite lane.

I'm so sorry you have had all these losses. *hug*

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