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` B̷̵̷e̵̴̵h̛̕i̛҉̀͢͟n͠͏̧̢̀d̸́͘͠͝ ̵̧̨̢y̡͏̵̵ó̷̡͢͝ư̷̶̕͠.̷̴̨̡.͏̡

i rejoined a few months ago. It took me a little effort to do the trash 1K things. > _ < I was clinging onto the Philosopher's Caches for no reason until I finally accepted they'll never increase in value.

I saw their Halo's Gift campaign & they're only asking for $2.50 so it's doable. Buttt i have this thing where i don't like spending money on stuff.. (There was this game I played for 4 years that I spent over $1K on in that time. It's not much compared to what other people have done, but that was when i came to my senses and realized i'll never spend on a game if i can help it. i lost that account because disagreements between the game host and developers. :joy: )

But there's also the fact i'm now an adult and i'm all for supporting things i like with my independent adult money. i've spent at least $50 or $100 on Gaia total with zero return (long ago when i was a kiddo). So i'm not sure about donating since i already gave them money before.

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

Same though. Especially after things went crazy with the gold generators and whatnot...whiiich started the problem in the first place. On the upside, there does seem to be some progress to fix it, though I'm certain it's gonna be a loooonnnnggg road and a lot of the damage is permanent.
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