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Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


I'm debating if I want to finish my Pokedex. I think I already have 80 something caught, so I'm about halfway done. Edit: I've actually caught 101 lol.

I also got the Pokeball Plus. I kinda like using it as a controller, but it can be a bit awkward to hold for long periods. I really like taking Pokemon on a stroll with it, though I don't do it very often. xD

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


I honestly forgot the Pokemon Bank was a thing. xD I know my membership ended a few years ago, though I don't remember if I have any Pokemon in it. I should renew it so I can check lol.

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


i rarely use pokebank. like you, i completely forget that its a thing...xD;;

i think the minecraft pokemon game is a free game for the switch, you can download it from the storee....xD

i shoulddddd complete my pokedex. cuz you know, gotta catch em all and all that...xD but i'm too lazy lol. and yeah, i can't use the pokeball controller for long. although strolling with it is fine, i keep it in my pocket lol.

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


Wait... would "minecraft Pokemon" actually be Pokemon Quest then? I never bothered downloading it. Sometimes Pokemon spin off games aren't really my thing. xD

The last time I replied to you, I was actively playing Let's Go filling up my Pokedex, but I haven't played it for the last week or so now. Lately I've been playing games on my 3DS and a little bit of The World Ends with You Final Mix and Stardew Valley. o3o

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


I have no idea what it was actually called. i had a look at the screenshots and like and didn't like it. blocky pokemon are not my thing lol.

What's Stardew Valley? I remember TWEWY since i played the first one and it was interesting...I still need to complete my Ultra Sun game, i recently finished going through them spacey gates...xD;;

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


I feel you on that. It's not an art style I really care for.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator, kinda like old Harvest Moon games. It's got clean pixel art, an amazing soundtrack, and so much content packed into the game. A lot of people really like that the game doesn't care who you decide to marry - you can pick from the bachelors or the bachelorettes. I've spent at least two hundred hours on the game between my laptop and my Switch. xD

I still have decided to get Ultra Sun/Moon, although I think I will pick it up eventually. I've heard Hau is more serious than he was in Sun/Moon. Plus Let's Go Eevee was kinda short, so I want to play another Pokemon game before the core Pokemon game comes out for the Switch later this year (which I doubt will happen before November).

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!

well I'll be on discord but whether I'll post or not is still uncertain. I was, after all, temp staff for social media. I normally only go on to check on manga/light novel updates from translators, since most of them have discords.

Re: Roliana's GTS - Pokemon Fans Unite!


@Hotarla: Well I've never used Discord before, but I think it's time I finally do. xD I went with my Tumblr username for my Discord username.

@Amnesty: Oh hey! It's good to see you again.
I've never really used Discord before, but I'm finally getting on the bandwagon. xD I'm not sure how active I'll be in the group, though I will try it out.

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