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Hey there! How have you been?
I'm around a decent amount of time, at least lurking, but Roli's gone and died hardcore beyond some random activity nowadays. Booo. Lol

Hey there, Dragonfly! What's new with you?

Haha I am not doing super well. Got laid off from my job unexpectedly right before Christmas. Trying to come to terms with that and figure out what to do


Oh no! Why did you get laid off? Are you looking for another one or have you just not decided what to do yet?

As for me, theres nothing new other than me and my boyfriend moved in with my dad back in October (cant remember if I told you that or not), which up until the past few days was going okay but now I dont know what's going to happen because my dad really got under my boyfriend's skin and I dont know if it's going to blow over or blow up. Bleh. :(

Budget reasons, like most layoffs, but they made it super personal and hurtful, like their goal was to tear me down. It sucks because I was a manager and should have been involved in these decisions or at least had an idea of what was coming.
There was one other person who co-managed my team with me, and they let her keep her job. The ironic thing is that she was planning to quit very soon anyways, and she quit immediately after she heard how they treated me and another member of the team who was also laid off. Then two of my employees quit. So it's like a ridiculous shitshow that could have so easily been avoided. :/
I'm looking for another job, for sure. Gotta earn that money.

Oh, that's a pain. Living with relatives is such a give-and-take thing. Hopefully your boyfriend doesn't do anything that will get you guys kicked out. :P


Wow, that's horrible. Sounds like you might be better off, to be honest, if they're going to go out of their way to be assholes for no apparent reason.

As for my living situation... we'll see what happens. My dad is just good at getting under my skin and his because he's judgemental and passive aggressive. He judges us for just about everything we do, but yet gets mad if we don't spend time with him ALL the time.
So it's frustrating.

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Yeah, I'll find something better. It's just such a shock right now. They wouldn't even let me collect my stuff from my desk or say goodbye to anyone.

That does sound frustrating. Are you an adult? If so, maybe setting some sort of boundary might help.
I lived with my dad for a few years in my early 20s when my health was bad, and it was definitely a challenge. He had the "my house, my rules" kind of attitude, which was tough to handle as an adult. Is your dad that way?

Yikes. That's horrible. :(

And yes, pretty much. When I was younger before I originally moved out a few years ago, I learned to just let a lot of things slide because my dad does NOT like to be challenged or corrected in any way shape or form and if you try to tell him he's doing something wrong or being a hypocrite, he literally BLOWS up. Like, to the point it's not even funny.
He also makes offhand comments about things and then gets mad that you didn't do something about the comment he made. Like the other night he made a comment about the food bowl being empty for the cats. He literally said "the cat bowl is empty."
I made a mental note to fill it back up later because Dustin and I have one in our room that I knew still had food in it so I didn't consider it an urgent matter. The next day, while were in the living room, I'm on the recliner and my dad kicks the chair (not hard, but still) and points to the food bowl and goes "you didn't fill it up yesterday."
First off, he didn't ASK me to fill it up, he just said it was empty and like I said, the other one had food in it, and two, if it was that big of a deal, why couldn't he have just done it himself?
He pulls this crap all the time and when he does "ask" for me to do something, he doesnt actually ask, he tells me to do something.
I've let this stuff go for so long that it's hard for me to figure out the best way to approach this because even if I Express my concerns politely, he flips his lid.
Its hard to deal with and my boyfriend is having the same issues. So yeah. Life with dad is not all that great and what's worse, because of an agreement between me and Dustin where I pay more of the rent so he can save up for a car for go ou ng back to school and for going back to school in general, I'm not saving any money because my dad is charging us $600 a month to live there.
It's a fair price under different circumstances, but I hope he's okay with lowering it once Dustin actually starts school because I want him to be able to focus on school and making sure his car is taken care of while I take care of everything else.
So yeah. The struggle is real.

Ugh what a pain. Sounds like you have a lot of stress in your living situation. Hopefully you'll be able to make an improvement soon, whether that means trying to get your dad to be more reasonable, or being able to change your dependence on him. I know it's tough while dealing with school, but keep your chin up!

My boyfriend and I have an agreement to get money saved up so of push comes to shove we can just move out. But I'm also trying to pay off my car so that's been a struggle too.
Things seem to have eased up a bit since yesterday so that's good.
My boyfriend and I work opposite schedules so I've kind of just let him handle the issues he was having from work and my dad because he was extremely upset. I let him reach out first and stuff.
But anyhooser, on a much better note, I finally got my review yesterday and am getting a pretty decent raise! Then, today, found out my machine operator paperwork was put through months ago but never finished in the system so my group leader is pushing my review through first, then will follow it with my machine operator paperwork so I can get even more money. If I had my machine operator paperwork put through first, I'd only get one raise, but if I do my review and then my machine operator paperwork, I'll get my annual raise and then another raise when I get machine operator. Boom!

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Yeah, having money saved up is absolutely crucial. That's the only thing saving me right now! Think of it as a freedom fund - if there's something (either in your personal life or professional life) that you just can't live with, you'll have the freedom to make a change.
But yeah, that's not always realistic when you're just starting out, unfortunately.

I hope things are easier for you now! Congrats on getting a raise - that should take a little bit of the pressure off, right?

Hey Melodie! The layout of Roli is a little weird now??

That is good to hear that you are doing okay.
Same here! I almost spent....well I spent it with avi sites and looking at my doodle book.
Right now I am journaling. I missed yesterday thou >//<;;
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