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Re: Solar/Blue

Lehra laughed. "We'll get you something to eat. I'm well acquainted with hungry teenagers. Then we'll join the boys in the conference room."

Both Jace and Tadeth sputtered while Rusa merely quirked an arched eyebrow at Reyny.
"Sorry, but I don't think you have the right body parts to get anywhere with that assessment of yours. And deadly only scratches the surface," she said with a hint of humor in her voice.
She turned her attention back to Jace. "Can their ship be repaired?"
Jace stroked his chin. "Uh, not really sure,
Commander. It took on some serious damage, but Lehra would be able to tell you better than me. She should be here soon. They have a junior member and a furry one she was taking care of before coming here."
Before Rusa could get anything else out, an alarm went off.
Both Jace and Tadeth shot to their feet. On a smaller monitor next to the one Rusa's face was on, Skye appeared with a slightly panicked look on her face.
"We have Sytech Regulator ships dropping out of hyperspace and approaching fast," she said.
Jace's heart slipped a beat.
SyTech was the largest medical and scientific research development company in the known universe. They had dealings in every government and every planet and even had connections with the Aeris, the intergalactic enforcer operation meant to be neutral in its enforcement of the universe.
While not all of SyTech was bad, they also did black market dealings and funded some extremely controversial experimentation such as the experiments done by Dwaith Brakens on his girls.
SyTech Regulators were their own military sect they often sent after targets they wanted to deal with personally.
Such as collecting precious science experiments like Iren.
If they were here that meant they knew, or at least had a hunch, that Iren or Scion or maybe both were on board this ship.
If Iren was captured, she would have about as many rights as a run away slave. In their eyes, she wasn't a person, she was just property.
"Go!" Rusa commanded, her expression deadly. "Come straight home! Forget that ship!"
"Watch them," Jace said to Tadeth. He turned a deadly look to Kendrick.
"If this was a trap...I swear I'll shove you and everyone else in your crew out the airlock myself," he snarled before he dashed from the conference room.

Re: Solar/Blue

"I'm all for food." Tiva replied. She was about to say something more when the alarms started going off. "Uhh, what's that?"

As if to add to Tiva's nervousness, the kitten yeowled and ran under the nearest object to hide--in this case, a chair.


Kendrick ignored the warning, instead going from the exasperated joker to all serious. "You said SyTech?" He asked.

Beside him, Fell shot him a sideways look and Pendulum visibly tensed. He and his own crew had had in with SyTech Regulators a few years back. They'd been very interested in Pendulum, and their commander had apparently recognized Kendrick as Vamirian. Just to be on the safe side, he'd made sure to avoid running into anything SyTech-related since.

Re: Solar/Blue

Lehra cursed as she recognized the alarm blaring that made her ears throb painfully. It was the alarm that she and Tad had put in place specifically for SyTech attacks or encounters to give them ample time to hide Scion or Iren if either happened to be on board at the time. Iren was up front and probably raising hell about having to hide in the cubby hole they'd built in for either of them. The other one happened to be in the mess hall right near where they standing.
She glanced at Tiva. She looked to be about Scion's age and it made her feel oddly protective despite not knowing the girl.
Without a word, she chased after the panicking kitten and scooped it up. Ignoring the claws that were scratching at her and beyond grateful she was still in her battlesuit, she handed the shrieking kitten to Tiva and motioned for her to follow her. She went over to one of the counters and reached under to push the hidden button that opened up the hidden cubby hole in the floor.
"Get in and stay put," she told her, "and see if you can calm the kitten. The alarms will stop here shortly once we're all in place. I'll come get you once everything is safe."
Once Tiva had done as ordered, she pushed the button again for the panel to slide back into place and blend in seamlessly with the floor.
Then she rushed towards the front deck.

Tadeth grimaced, his ears feeling as if they were bleeding from the alarm. Damn his Nrixan blood. It made his senses way too sharp and sensitive.
Not to mention, he didn't like playing babysitter to strangers. No doubt Lehra had secured the girl that was with them and was getting the guns ready. Normally, he'd be next to her, but here he was...He sent a glare in their direction, wondering if this really was a setup to get them out here.
Though they still hadn't uncovered the purpose behind Scion and Iren's creation, multiple run ins with the Regulators had taught them that whatever it was, they were still valuable to the company's more unethical practices.
While genetic experimentation wasn't anything really new, it was still rare to create a being from scratch, especially ones like Iren and Scion who had so many different gene markers, they couldn't even determine what kind of species made up their genetic code. The only thing they'd been able to tell was that part of Scion's genetic makeup consisted of experimental and extremely rare nano technology that blended seamlessly with the rest of her DNA.
The poor girl had a hard time with the fact that half of her wasn't even real flesh and blood, just advanced technology that resembled it.
Iren was an entirely different matter all together.
He almost sighed, but held it in check to continue glaring at his charges. "You got business with SyTech?" he demanded, wondering why they all suddenly seemed apprehensive at the appearance.

Skye had just finished forcing a furious Iren into hiding when Jace entered the front deck.
Lehra was already there, powering their guns and their defenses, preparing for what was most likely to be a nasty fight.
It always was when SyTech was involved.
As soon as he entered, Lehra cut the alarms. He’d barely made into his chair as the ship lurched violently from an attack.
It was damn near suicide to take on as many Regulator ships as they did with no back up, but they somehow managed to survive. They took heavy fire before managing to escape and their ship was damaged, but still limping, as they dropped out of hyperspace.
Nearby floated the giant metal and glass structure he and the rest of the crew called home. Wouldn’t be much longer before they’d be docking.
Irritated beyond belief at the close call, Jace entered the conference room where he’d left Tadeth with Kendrick and the crew.
“We dead yet?” Tadeth asked drily as he entered, making Jace snort at the man.
“No, not yet. But it seems they were anticipating us answering that distress signal,” Jace said, turning a harsh glare to Kendrick.

(Sorry for the lengthy but lame response. I wanted to write out an epic battle scene, but words failed so I decided to skip over it. XD)

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