Out of character. Talk RPs with your partners
Haha yes! Whichever will make you happiest; go for it!
Yeah, gotta take care of your mental health first. Also, I'll reply to the sci-fi rp here shortly. I started working on it, but got tired and my laptop keys are being annoying.
Haha, they seem to be good now. I'm sort of working on a reply. What do you want to do next in the other rp, by the way? Any idea?
Oh, that'll happen soon. I was referring to our other rp. The one with Badica and Seho? Haha

Re: If Anyone is interested...1x1

Ahhh X'D. Yeah, I'm stuck on that one...which is why it's taking so blasted long XP.

....mostly because I'm trying to figure out how to drop that Spinel's an Outsider himself. Or, was once upon a time someone who stole power from a damn powerful Outsider at some point. Pretty sure that'd piss off everyone in the room X'D
Well, I gotta figure out how to reveal who Badica is. And bring Dasia in.
And Badica would protect Seho while everyone wants to kill Spinel. Haha
Aw. He's so cute.

We also need to figure out how to further their relationship, either platonically or romantically so he and Badica have a strong bond by the end of it all.

I figured as much, which is fine because I can pair her with Coda since they're actually paired together in my actual series.
I just want to show how her and Seho form a bond, even if it is platonic.

Now it's just a matter of playing everything out that we want to do and connecting the dots to get there. Lol
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