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Re: The Future

Roli holds such a strong place in my heart. I've been here for a long time and I knew that this announcement was inevitable due to how quiet it has been. But I hope there will be some sort of dress up game in the future for Roli. I always loved making avatars for everyone!

Re: The Future

Even though I'm rarely active in terms of posting for a long time now, I still check back here at times. A friend of mine came here from elsewhere and this was where we hung out online until she later moved on elsewhere again. So, Roliana will always be special to me for that.

I'll miss this place.

Re: The Future

  • Wow so sad that the site is going down.
    I know that a lot of factors go into running a site I just wish there was a way to save all avi sites and keep them running. ; m ;

Re: The Future

I wish there was a way of saving this site... I know I would do what I could to keep it running... its my home

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