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Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

I will try to work with it and I dont know any of the names of the items either.

I think why I am sad is because I used to come here during my younger years around middle/highschool and now that I am an adult and with Roliana closing sort of sets/makes something feel like it is ending. An era ending or along those lines?

Because I spent a lot of time here so for it not be there is sort of ripping a support system away from you? if that be related or something like that?

But you have to step on your own and be okay! o///o a little nervous.

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

Huh. I haven't really posted much on Roli. But I was busy elsewhere. This was one of those big, popular sites everyone was on at one time. It's really sad to see it go. :(

Re: Nostalgia Hangout!

The other day I went through old email messages to a now denounced but childhood friend from 2007 where I sent him the referral link to Roliana so I'd get gold. We used very poor spelling/grammar and he declined to do it.
Good old pre-teen McCoy who just wanted the fucking free gold. It was only like 500 gold if I had succeeded but back then that was like, how much Angel Wings cost, lol.

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