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Re: The Future

This is suuuper late, but logging in for the first time in forever annnnnnd...

I can't believe I've been on Roli for 11 years! I remember joining after seeing an ad on tektek from Gaia. xD I've met and made wonderful friends on this site and loved all the events that took place. Thanks for all the wonderful memories! They'll always hold a special place in my heart. :heart:


Re: The Future

You wrote it won't be renewed in July; what will be the last day to log onto Roliana if you could know or speculate?

Re: The Future

I've been here almost 12 years. This place gave me a chance to do pixels in a somewhat professional manner, and even though I couldn't keep up with it, it was fun. <3 Sorry about that. I think I spent pretty much my whole adolescent life here lol. I'm sad that it has to be this way, but with everyone having so much going on and these types of sites in general not doing well, it was due sooner or later.

I'm still keeping my pixel dreams in the ring. If the dress up game thing goes well, I'd love to be able to contribute some new things from time to time (provided life allows me). <33

Re: The Future

Whilst I haven't been active in a very (very) long time I do, occasionally, login and have a look round. It'll be sad not being able to do that soon. I remember posting away into the small hours of the morning, especially during the summer events with the rolipop tree! Being in Europe is was the best time to interact with everyone on the other side of the world.

I know this site meant and means alot to some of the people here and I do look back fondly on the time I spent here. Heck, I even remember owning all the MI's at one point.

I first came here in 2009 (wow 10 years!), wrote for the Roli Times for a bit, managed to somehow get over 1mill gold, did probably a lot of stupid stuff too but I remember enjoying every moment of it and coming back nearly every day. I think I may have even tried doing art at one point, that didn't go well.

I guess here's to Roli, thanks for being there when you were. :)

I've just logged into my old photobucket account which I only used for roli related stuff. So many memories! 🥰

Re: The Future

Meanwhile, I've gone ahead and equipped every single item in my mule's inventory. Oh my lord, this is ridiculous...

Re: The Future

It's hard. It's something I could see coming but this site really was important. If not really for me, it was important to Nick. My son Dante has his uncle's middle name but this site really was...his life. He spent his life on here. Every penny he got went into this site, I really wish I could have helped more...
It sucks. I remember him in the hospital bed requesting the laptop because he didn't want to make anyone worry about him. Especially when he just sat there giving everything he could away.
He loved this site. I found this site first, but he really put everything he had into it. Never told you guys but I did show our parents this site after he died. They never understood why he wanted the computer so much all the time. His threads over hundreds of pages all together worth of replies and love you all gave him. It was really touching to our family.

I could see it coming with how dead it had been. I would love the idea of a dress up game with these items or something. I remember....there was a pixel artist that was really close to Zexion. I remember she made the "Zexion hair" and the keyblade item for him. And the white base because I remember Zex would use the ghost base with the geisha mask. That was his trademark.
I do wish I could have spoken to her again. Her and someone he always called Zizi. Zion? I think.

Other then that I am so happy he was able to spend his last few years on here. We lived in Arizona only beccause of dad's job. I just tan when I go outside. Zexion never could be outside for long. He would sunburn within 10 minutes never seen anything like it. He would have a pale white face then turn away to turn back and his face would be red. He was the only student allowed to be inside when the others had to be outside. His breathing was his issues he was born with some heart problems.

He loved this site and he loved the people on it. He geniunly cared about everyone he spoke to. He really did care about everyone on here. I remember how gleefully happy he was when he made the Donation Ninja. I wish you all could have seen how much fun he had going around as the ninja and donating. How at first people thought it was an NPC from the site but that was quickly debunked when the staff posted that it wasn't them.
I wish ya'll could have seen the grin on his face as he did all this.

This site was a huge light in what was otherwise a sad situation. Really, everyone here in real life made fun of him. Bullied him. His only friends were here on roli, I wouldn't be surprised if you guys increased his life expectancy a couple years. The sicker he got the more worried about here he did. It was heart wrenching when I argued why he cared so much when he should focus on him...he just said he already knew he was gonna die. Just because everyone refused to say the words didn't mean it wasn't going to happen. But just because he was going to die, and if he had to sit here, he was going to at least reach out and try to help others as much as he could.

So I just wanna thank you all for that...I really do think he lived longer because of this site. He barely was able to graduate high school. Doctors didn't think he would.

Thank you

Re: The Future

Didn't mean the double post, laptop wasn't loading ignore this post

Re: The Future

That was really lovely @Shinko
I remember him and he always care. I still remember the day when you message me he's passed away. It still hurts and it'll never go away but I know how much he cared. (Can't really express how much he influence me but he was a a dear friend and always will be remembered)
Hope we can in a way still keep in touch :)

Re: The Future

Give me the numbers. Both for debt to artists and what it would take to get the site going. Have until July right?/color]

Re: The Future

@Shinko: the main problem with roliana is that the staff doesn't remain active.(Except for a rare few) And no active staff means no active site. No active site = no income = death to the website.
I get the whole "I've got real life to deal with". However if there is enough backup within staff, we could easily overcome those hurdles.
I did say a rare few were active. But it's just isn't enough!

But to be more exact:
1. the huge communication problem. Continuously switching communication tools, not realizing that it isn't the tool that's problematic but the people using it that aren't putting in the effort. Ofcourse it's easier to say "I didn't know I had to do that" and thus blame it on the lack of communication, rather than admit that they just didn't want to do that task. Even if they volunteered for it themselves!

2. Ofcourse it doesn't help if certain people make active people go away either. Assuming the task will be done by the active people in staff after they had volunteered for the job. Causing loads amounts of stress on whoever is trying to get stuff off the ground. Which back in 2016-mid 2018 was always me. Hence why I just exploded back in july 2018. It was irrational of the staff to believe I could keep on going like that while handling 4-5 jobs within staff and not explode at a certain point. Because if 1 active person left, guess who had to take over the job? (only things I couldn't take over were pixeling and art due to lack of talent. I seriously suck at it.)

3. Having only 1 pixel goddess available isn't realistic either. There should be 3 artists ... 2 minimum. Why? 1 artist could focus on monthly items, 1 on common sets and 1 on event items. (Why I say 2 minimum is that theoretically 1 artist could switch between commons one time and event items the other time...But it would be safer to have 3 in case of illness or people going M.I.A. suddenly)
This way the labour is divided and it shouldn't matter if these artists have a fulltime jobs. Ofcourse if you only have the 1 artist, they won't be able to do it all AND have a fulltime job in real life.

4. Having multiple webdevelopers would be better too. So that multiple people can work on stuff. Developing can be quite problematic especially with the way things are coded on Roliana. It's a mess :astonished:
Having only 1 developer (=me) working fulltime on Roliana while doing 4 other jobs on staff is just crazy. Even if Caitlyn could find some time to help out here and there, the updates aren't coming in quick enough. Which makes people leave. I'd say having 3 developers would be the best. Then whenever 1 person gets stuck, someone else can help out!
And actually I would add another developer but then that developer would focus only on an app for roliana. (At the minimum for Android, but preferably also for Apple). An app would bring in LOADS of people.
Ofcourse, theoretically, you can start out with 3 webdevelopers + 1 app developer and then slowly dwindle it down to maybe 2 developers when all the developing is done and it's just a matter of maintenance and the occassional event to be programmed.

So if you can fix: communication and workforce (+app) issues then I guess we could save Roliana?

I predicted Roliana's death the moment I left staff. Ofcourse they didn't want to believe me and said I was overreacting (or "acting out"). Now here we are...
I really loved working for roliana. Especially coming up with events and getting them launched and see everyone enjoy the events. I still miss all the brainstorming and work sessions from back then. But I can't ignore all the freaking free time I have now :astonished: and no more stress!!!!

It's sad to see roliana go. If things can be done to address the issues I listed above, then I wouldn't mind coming back as an event coordinator.

Re: The Future

Ok first off, (When I say we, I mean the staff and everyone who wants to put in effort to save roliana. I don't mean we as in I'm on staff or anything.)

I've not posted a lot I admit the past few years. I was in a abusive relationship that I just left. I'm living with my family again. If the cost is within hundreds just to keep the site going for one more year we can do.

However the lack of people, no one knows about Roliana!
My first idea would be advertisement. Yes I know I know we don't have the staff. But we put in where it's easy to see we need staff. You will have people willing to work here. A minimum of posting and being here for a month or two. Proving they can be active.

Most of the users that were here has grown up. We were teens able to come online all the time, for example I'm 26 now. I came on here when I was 15.

I'm sure everyone here would be okay with the same Monthly items for a couple months in a row if it will save Roliana.

Now a small idea would be for the new users to have...I hate to say the word chatterbox like on gaia but that is exactly what I mean. Gold gaining could be cut in half or a quarter. But have a forum that is for junk talk. This would be the only forum that would allow multiple bumps, quiz games and all that. Gold gaining needs to be there for new users to keep coming back. But it can't be a amount that is considered cheating. So I think cut it down to 1/4 or 1/8 the normal amount you usually would get.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting must the past few years. I wish I could have, either way.

Now communication, use ONE platform. Don't accept any other. Like Roliana has a facebook page. Any workers posting there and expecting you to automatically see it immediately is impossible. (I used facebook as a example, I don't know what you guys use) It needs to be made clear that only ONE platform any discussion or communication needs to be done only on ONE portal. There are so many ways you can chat with someone these days, most people have multiple accounts to everywhere. Pick one, and don't accept any other. If the user tries to say "Oh uh didn't work" And make no attempt at another way of communication, strike 1. After strike 3, it is over.

I know the staff that has been here has worked hard. And I know they have real lifes too. Most roli users grew up and was unable to stay on. It might be time to try and bring in fresh people to do the job.

And heck, new users could bypass the whole month posting thing if they can show work from another site that was in the PAST (They can't be working there and here at the same time)

My family gets paid every 2 weeks. Father makes 120K a year. We can do a few hundred every two weeks easy until this place picks up. This Saturday is payday. When mom wakes up I'm going to buy some plats but either way....we all hate to see Roliana die. Not just me, all of us.

But it sounds like first thing to do is pay whatever it takes to keep it running one more year.
Then put effort into advertisement. We can even put in the advertisement that we are looking for web developers and artists and all that if we wanted.

Re: The Future

@Shinko The irony is that I said to just use facebook and stick tot it (we first used roli forum, then Skype. But not everyone visites the forum Often enough and too many People didnt have Skype. I then suggested facebook). Everyone but 1 person on staff went on facebook Daily. Thought it was a good idea.
It was until old habits came back...

After I left they changed it again to Discord even though most needed to make an account...

Wait... Buying plats? The donation system is supposed to be down since March!

I was in the process of making a staff management system where I could register tasks and easily prove someone not doing theorie part.

Ironically those who didn't do anything wanted to be paid with plats monthly...

Advertisements sure, but finding People is really not as easy as you think... I put out advertisements and only found 1 webdeveloper who never die anything in the end...

A Chatforum like you suggested already exists on here though.
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