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Re: The Future

Finding people isn't easy no.
And I did try to buy it wouldn't let me. x.x Oh well. I said my main idea was advertisement. But if the site is really just going to die like you said I guess it can't be avoided.

You know all my years I only ever saw 1 add for roliana and it was the tektek add on gaia. I just bet if we had more of those going on...I dunno things could change. But that takes time too. :weary:

Re: The Future

@Shinko: Kinda the same I guess, when it came to adverts. I came to roliana because of a tektek add on gaia. Only other adverts are the ones I made myself (on instagram, facebook, ...) They were just regular posts and not necessarily adverts like the ones you pay for on there...

I dunno if we can even save roliana right about now. If we wanted that, then I fear the entire staff needs to pull together and commit to it.
Create a plan of action and set goals to achieve.
(And not just have advertisements, I'm talking about planning events and certain updates)
Have a clear To Do list and put people on there to work on each item.
Task 1 - person A
Task 2 - person B
Task 3 - person C
and so on and on.

If someone then doesn't do their job, they don't really want to do the work and should leave staff...

But I fear it's all easier said then done.

I wished I could show you my roliana work folder in real life. It's literally filled with stuff I wanted to do on roliana. It was just too much for me to do alone :sweat_smile:
(I know others in staff wanted to help out, but they couldn't help with the coding which was the biggest problem. The coding was a bit out of my league as well to be honest.)

Re: The Future


Too bad no one has posted their need for a coder on discord. You should see all the stuff people do for mods on skyrim, web chats and other stuff. A huge part of Discord is now the center of attention/chat/testing for coding beginners and experts alike.

Roliana would probably not find anyone for permanent coding staff but you would have a greater chance of finding someone who could look at the codes and figure out where the glitches are and how to switch out areas that are overloaded. It would make maintenance, item updates and events easier.

Discord also has a pretty good population of gaming artists. Mods usually require someone to build the code and another to make the pictures. Obviously coding is much more difficult but many programmers like easy challenges so they often take on art upload and update trials too.

Communication is the biggest issue anywhere in real life and online these days. Having only one approved format of communication makes things a lot easier. I am surprised that a lot of the staff did not just use Roliana as the main format and then have facebook as the backup if Roliana was down or something.

Why did Roliana's Staff decide to release so many MIs and EIs all the time? Commons in large updates every once in a while is cool and should always be the bulk of a site's inventory. Even if the update is just new colors or layering, that still tends to hold people over until a specific event or monthly schedule is uploaded. I really liked how some of our events were just giving out older items or more rare items. It seemed like it slowed down the pace of new items coming out. A lot of avatar sites over work/use their artists and coders too early on and then end up in the same situation Roliana found itself to be in.

Re: The Future

@Guardian Trickster
I can't say anything about your Discord part since I'm not on Discord. So I wouldn't know. You'd have to ask some of the staff that are actually on Discord why they hadn't looked for a replacement coder on there.

Roliana was used as the main format in the beginning. Except no one ever checked Roliana forums for some reason :astonished: Trying to get a response was hell. Unless you wanted to PM everyone individually... You don't wanna know how often I wrote an entire worked out idea with an action plan and everything in the staff forum and then people in the chat would be like: "oh you already had a plan? I thought we were still in the beginning stage of this thing" (trying to change the entire idea too) or suddenly not agreeing to it while the plan was already half worked out and the chance for opinions on the subject had been discussed a month earlier. (FYI: talking about events here mainly. From the moment 1 event ends, I started on organizing the next event. So we'd have a rough 3 months to get everything going. Month 1 would be brainstorming ideas. Month 2: division of labor + working on parts. Month 3: finalising things and getting things together. Which is why I don't need someone to suddenly challenge the entire idea in month 3...)
I even made an entire subforum in staff forum that explained ALL of our future ideas for roliana. To avoid people suggesting the same things over and over but to no avail.

I also don't get why they wanted so many MIs all the time. I mean, the pixel goddesses did amazing work! But sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to spread the MIs.
The re-using of old MIs or EIs (especially in a recolored version) was actually my idea. (Mainly recoloring EIs for new event items, I think Chu came up with recolouring MIs) Trying to lessen the load on the pixel artists and all.
I also wanted to make all the MIs and EIs available to be purchased with platinum so we'd have more income and time. But with certain interesting deals to not have the prices so high all the time. Like 50% off kind of thing. We never got that far. And after I left, no one bothered to release the final MIs either. :disappointed: And I got a lot of resistance with the old EIs being re-released too.

Not only would it create an influx of old EIs being released back into the public by re-releasing the old EIs, but also we could use those re-releases as "item updates" in a way. It bought us time :laughing: (Now exchange EIs with MIs in the previous sentence. Same idea with same benefits.)

Re: The Future

Thought I'd make an appearance since the site is going to go down next month.

I started Roliana back at the beginning. I was trying to find a place like Gaia Online without the snobby people. I found a home here for a long time. Back when the art was the original look before the first update with the new art. I enjoyed the people, the events, all the fun I had and friends I made. I was here until Roliana 2.0. That was when I sort of left Roli because I didn't like the new look of the site. I popped in occasionally and lurked, though didn't really do anything but look around

When this version of the site popped up, I was surprised at how minimal it was art wise, and how quiet it was. I was sad that the site had pretty much died, when it used to be full of people posting things all around. Though it is sad, that the site will die and it will be the end of an era, change can be good. I'm glad that I was able to find this place when I did, and I enjoyed myself while I was here. I wish luck to all those who worked on this site, to keep it alive as long as you have. Kudos.

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