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*~~*Frey's Common Quest*~~*



I'm questing for some random commons
Why because I'm a packrat :P

Note that the prices included are just the store prices!

[ S U M M E R S E T ]
Clip - 100 gold (Pink and Red)
Dress - 600 gold (Pink, Night, Black, Gold and Peach)
Hat - 350 gold (Black, Red, Purple)
Pants - 400 gold (White, Pink, Red, Beige, Gold, Black and Purple)
Skirt flow - 500 gold (Beige, Black, Gold, Pink, Red, White)
Skirt Frilly - 500 gold (Beige, Black, Gold, Pink, White)
Skirt Ruffles - 500 gold (Beige, Black, Gold, Red, White)
Skirt Short - 500 gold (Beige, Black, Gold, Pink, Red, White)
Top - 500 gold (Beige, Black, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red)

[ G I R L H A I R S ]
All are priced at 200 gold
5 - Hairfree - blond, darkpink, lightpink, lightpurple, pink, plum, white, Beige
7 - Straight and Narrow - black, blond, red, darkpink, lightpink, lightpurple, peach, pink, white, Beige
9 - Flared - blond, maroon, Beige
11 - Waves upon Waves - red, lightpurple, Beige
12 - Headband Practice - darkpink, plum, Beige
14 - Sporty Pigtails - lightpurple, white, Beige
17 - Ballroom Curls - darkpink, lightpink, maroon, pink, plum, white, Beige
18 - Flow Away - darkpink, white, Beige
19 - All curled up - blond, red, brown, darkpink, lightpink, lightpurple, maroon, peach, pink, white, Beige
20 - Hair To The Throne - lightpink, lightpurple, maroon, peach, pink, Beige
22 - Curled Peace - black, blond, darkpink, maroon, plum, Beige
23 - Lazy Bun - lightpurple, Beige
27 - Puppy Dog Tails - black, red, brown, darkpink, maroon, white, Beige
28 - Sassy Undercut - brown, darkpink, lightpurple, maroon, peach, plum, Beige
29 - Vixen - red, lightpurple
30 - Spice Curls - blond, red, brown, darkpink, lightpurple, maroon
31 - So braid - lightpurple, peach

This is the list for now =P


Wish me good luck Cause I'll need it ! ^^;

Also I would appreciate someone to chat with on this thread, to mainly get more gold, but secondly also keep the thread up :D

Old quest: Gold Quest of 50k - FINISHED


Current Progress:
80000/114.775 gold (Store price)
Officially done, just buying the items

I wanted to buy these too, but I figured I'd prolly never wear them XD
[spoil][L O V E]
Dress - 1200 gold (Black, Pink, Red, White)
Hairclip - 600 gold (Black, Purple, Red, White)

[W E B A T T I R E]
Dress - 700 gold (Black, Red, Plum)

[S T A R B R I G H T ]
Wings - 1500 gold (Beige, Black, Brown, Gold, Grey, LightBrown, LightRed, Marroon, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow)

[ V I C T O R I A N ]
Glasses - 200 gold (Beige, White, Yellow)[/spoil]


Here is a list of Everyone that donated to me:

    clk89: 10 Gold.
    Pixel: 200 gold I won a contest, but hey a donation is a donation
    RaiRai: 45 Gold
    Paopu: 50 Gold
    Pixel: 30 Gold For giving contest ideas
    Vampire Prince: 2030 gold + MarsSilverScarf (2x)+ MarsSilverBelt (2x)
    Kai : 100 gold
    Cthulhu: 83 eggs
    Aimee: Hearts + Gold

    Fallen Soul: 250 gold
    linapoo: 4000 gold
    Moonlight Love Charity: Female hair 11 LightPink / Maroon

    HamatoKameko: 100 broken vails
    DDinis: 39 broken vails

    Mizore: 1 platinum <3 thank you <3

    littleblack: 1000 stars

    Mako : 50 gold
    Teatime: Casual Long Pleated Skirt Almond


Thanx so much for all your donations. I love you all.
And if I find out that anyone is begging these people for gold, then I will get really mad. *huggles donators to protect them*

Thank you, Abisian, for letting me use your idea on how to list commons!

Commons bought

[spoil][ C A S U A L ]
Maxi Dress - 300 gold (Flamingo, Lilac, Quartz)
Pointy Bow - 100 gold (Candy, Ivory)
Bustier - 125 gold (Amber Stripes, Candy)
Ankle Pants - 225 gold (Charcoal, Choco, Candy, Lilac)
Dolly Pumps - 200 gold (Amber, Candy, Coral, Flamingo)
Fringe Top - 100 gold (Charcoal)
Long Pleated Skirt - 250 gold (Amber, Candy, Charcoal, Flamingo, Quartz, Wine)
Floppy Hat - 250gold (Amber, Candy, Charcoal, Choco, Flamingo, Quartz, Wine)
Sheer Skirt - 325 gold (Amber, Flamingo, Lilac, Wine, Tomato)

[ D E E L A N ]
Top Female - 400 gold (Red White, Red, Beige)
Earrings - 50 gold ( Black, Beige)
Warmers - 300 gold (Beige, White, Purple)

[ B U R L E S Q U E ]
Ribbon - 200 gold (Amber, Black, Amethyst, Red and White)

[ D E E L A N ]
Top Female - 400 gold (Plum, Pink)
Earrings - 50 gold (Pink)
Warmers - 300 gold (Black)

[ S U M M E R S E T ]
Hairclip - 150 gold (Red)
Skirt flow - 500 gold (Night)
Skirt Ruffles - 500 gold (Pink)
Top - 500 gold (White)

[ L I L I E N S E T A N D T E A ]
Top - 700 gold (DeepRed, HotPink, PalePink, Peach, Gold, Mauve, Pink, Purple, White)

[ P U N K R E P O R T E R ]
Hat - 400 gold (Black, White)

[ J O L L Y D O L L Y T E A P A R T Y ]
Maid dress - 650 gold (BrownBeige)
Dress - 400 gold (Beige, Pink, Red)
Sleeveless Dress - 400 gold (White, Red)
DollyBase(Female) - 600 gold (Medium, Tan)

[B O H E M E]
Belts - 250 gold (brown, red)
Earrings - 250 gold
Scarf - 350 gold (pink)
Pants - 450 gold (maroon)
PillowsBack - 1000 gold (pink)
TopLong - 400 gold (White, Black)
TopPinkPlain - 400 gold
TopShort - 400 gold (Pink)
TopWhitePlain - 400 gold

[W I T C H Y]
WitchyDarkTopFemale - 500 gold (Red, Maroon, Pink, Purple)
WitchyGlovesMaroon - 150 gold

[R O C K N R O L L]
Pants - 250 gold (Pink)
Tank - 200 gold (Black, DeepPink, Mauve, Red)
Warmers - 150 gold (DarkBrown, DeepPink, Mauve, Red, Peach, Purple)

[T H A N K S G I V I N G]
Dress - 600 gold (Flamingo)
Shawl - 250 gold (Flamingo)

[R O S E P E T A L]
Scarf - 400 gold (Black, Red)

[R O Y A L]
Blouse - 800 gold (Purple)

[R O S E P E T A L]
Scarf - 400 gold (MaroonRed)

[G Y P S Y ]
Blouse - 600 gold (BlackPurple, Purple)

[R I B B O N]
Dress - 900 gold ( Brown, Pink)

[C O N T E S T ]
* Boots - 400 gold (Black, Red)

[ S T E A M P U N K ]
Skirt - 700 gold (Brown, White)

[P R A I R I E F A E R I E]
Fox - 400 gold (Gray, Red, Black, MaroonRed)

[G Y P S Y ]
Hairband - 300 gold (Purple)
Dress - 500 gold (Purple)

[R I B B O N]
HairRibbon - 200 gold (White, Pink, DarkPurple, Black, Brown)
Dress - 900 gold (Black, Purple, White, Red)

[C O N T E S T ]
* Hat - 500 gold (Red, Purple, Black, Brown)

[F A S H I O N ]
LegWarmers - 200 gold (Black)
FemaleTop1 - 200 gold (Hazel)
Hairpiece - 200 gold (Blue,White, Yellow)

[ L I L I E N S E T A N D T E A ]
Top - 700 gold (Beige, Brown, DarkPink, PaleGold)

[ J O L L Y D O L L Y T E A P A R T Y ]
Maid dress - 650 gold (AngelLilac, BlackRed, PinkAngel, RedPink, RedWhite)
Dress - 400 gold (Black, White)
Sleeveless Dress - 400 gold (Pink)

[ P H O E N I X ]
Scarf - 500 gold (Black)

[ S T E A M P U N K ]
FemaleTop - 600 gold (Black, RedStripe)
Skirt - 700 gold (Black)

[W E S T E R N ]
Dress - 700 gold (Orange, Pink, White, Purple)

[G R E E K ]
Dove - 300 gold
Doves - 300 gold

[ T A I N T E D R A D I A N C E ]
Hairpin - 200 gold (Red,White, Yellow, Purple, Pink)

[B O H E M E]
Pants - 450 gold (Black, red)
Scarf - 350 gold (Black, maroon, red, brown)
TopLong - 400 gold (Maroon, Red, Yellow)
TopShort - 400 gold (Maroon, Red, White)
TopWhitePattern - 400 gold

[W I T C H Y]
WitchyDarkTopFemale - 500 gold (White)

[R O C K N R O L L]
Pants - 250 gold (Black, Red)
Tank - 200 gold (Brown, DarkBrown, Grey, White)
Warmers - 150 gold (Brown, Grey, White)

[T H A N K S G I V I N G]
Dress - 600 gold (Crow)
Shawl - 250 gold (Crow)
Boots - 200 gold (Crow)

[R O Y A L]
Blouse - 800 gold (Gold, Red)

[ P U N K R E P O R T E R ]
Hat - 400 gold (Beige and Red)

[ B U R L E S Q U E ]
Stockings - 150 gold (Red, Black and White)

[ F E M A L E A N D G I R L H A I R S ]
All are priced at 200 gold
5 - brown, maroon
7 - brown, maroon, plum
9 - white, black, brown
11 - peach, pink, plum
12 - red, lightpurple, peach, pink, white
14 - plum, peach
17 - black, brown, peach, lightpurple
18 - blond, brown, lightpink, red, lightpurple, maroon, pink, plum
19 - black
20 - black, red, brown, darkpink, white
22 - red, brown, lightpink, lightpurple, peach, pink
23 - blond, red, brown, darkpink, lightpink, plum, white, maroon, peach, pink
27 - blond, lightpink, lightpurple, peach, pink
28 - red, lightpink, pink, white
29 - black, blond, Beige, brown, darkpink, lightpink, peach, pink, white
30 - black, peach, pink, Beige
31 - black, blond, red, lightpink, maroon, white, Beige, brown, darkpink, pink

Good luck!
I would be happy to chat. I should get someone to chat with me on my thread as it keeps falling off the front page and I've had to double post D=

Best of luck on your quest Freyate.


Gorgeous avi.

The only thing that throws it off is the staff and the star on the armband.

Good luck on your quest! Your dream is quite pretty. I hope you get there! I would donate to you if I could, but I'm finishing up a quest of my own for now. Still... GOOD LUCK! :D

When I'm done helping out Mag, I can donate to you as well.

Your dream avi is beautiful, good luck on getting all of the items~ ^__^!


Thanx so much for all the good lucks. I really need it as gold earning is a bit hard on here, if you are a lurker instead of a chatter. XP

thanx for all the would donates too. That already means alot to me, cause I just love the generousity off people, even though they don't even give me anything.

@sanctuary: I know what you mean, but those are items that aren't such a high priority to me yet. They would fit the avie, if I would at a bit more gold to it, like in my avies hair or something like that, but I'll see what I do with that though.
For now the wings, eyes, dress, fan and oriental top are most important on my list.

I'm feeling so awful today.
I'm a bit sick and I spent all day in bed.
I don't like it when I'm sick, but then again, who does...

How do you see when someone donated to you?
Is there a list, where I can view this?

Very pretty avatar, I wish you luck on it! Once I get up to at least 20 gold again I will send you over some. :) Quests can be so hard on these type of sites. I'm a bit sick myself right now, have been for a week now ug.

Oh and when someone donates to you it will show up as a PM.

Thank you :oops:

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you don't feel well.
It was a pretty cold summer in Belgium, and it already feels like winter while it's still autumn. So now, like half the citizens in Belgium are sick...

Thanx for the answer.
That makes it easier for me to track *nods*

Good Luckies on your Questies! <333 xD

Pretty Dream Avi! <3

But I think it's quite general when it comes to matching it. I think most people have the exact same avie matched up once before. (Or maybe with a few details differently)
But I think I'll find alot off twins on Roliana....
If you get my meaning.

Hopefully Roliana will make more clothes and the like soon so their will be less of a chance for twins. I always feel funny when I first start out on a site without clothes and everyone looks just like me. I was just happy to get some different hair today. I know I would feel even odder if my dream avatar gets a twin. ;)
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